Derry without the London?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. It's a name that has been the bone of contention between Nationalists & Unionists for centuries.

    A Judge has been given the unenviable task of trying to settle the controversy. Derry City Council has asked Justice Weatherup in Belfast's High Court to decide the correct name in a judicial review.

    The Nationalist controlled council is seeking a declaration requiring the British Government and the Department of Enviroment to accept its view that the city's name is Derry.

    But the DOE believes such a change would require a petition to Queen Elizabeth to amend the name established by Royal Charter granted by King James I in 1613.

    The hearing ended today, Justice Weatherup is expected to reserve his decision.
  2. Of course, if we gave the wretched place to the ROI then we wouldn't have to give a monkey's.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You missed the dont give a flying Feck option and the who cares lets call it summerstown or kilburn instead!
  4. Brush up on your current affairs chap, theres hardly any Irish left in Kilburn these days, mostly west Africans now.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok Milton keynes then!
  6. Leave em alone for fcks sake- they are doing well and we don't need any more shiite- or they will only have another excuse to pull their hats down again. 8)
  7. As Lloyd George was believed to have said ; 'When they find a solution to the Irish problem, the Irish will find another problem'.
  8. Like we do now? :D

    FFS everyone called in Derry most of the time until the Nats kicked off about the name.

    Who was the rather dry NI journalist who called it 'Stroke city'?
  9. Derry folk have and still call it Derry - the rugby club (hardly a bastion of nationalist fervour) is called City of Derry RFC. Only the "prod biggots" insist on calling it Londonderry.

    The journalist who coined the phrase "Stroke City" was Gerry Anderson - and that is about the only noteworthy thing that he has done!

    To wind the "Shinners" up you could look to the Irish origins of the name (forgive my poor knowledge of gaelic) - "Lon" could mean long or fierce, "Dun" means fort and "Doire" means oak, so in gaelic terms it could be the "long/fierce fort of oak".

    To my mind Stroke City is probably the best option - oh and by the way the last time I looked it was a nuclear-free zone, so we better warn the Navy that they are not welcome there either!
  10. About 90% of people on this island refer to it as Derry, it's almost in Donegal anyway! Why not just leave it at that.
  11. What the heck do the locals call the place? If they call it 'Derry', it's 'Derry.' If not, not.

    It's about the same farce as Dingle / An Daingain/ Dingle-Dangain ui Chuimh. (Town in West Kerry)

  12. Ermmmmm NO!.

    Totally different set of circumstances there.

    And its An Daingean & Daingean ui Chuis.

    Níl mórán Gaeilge agam :wink:
  13. Ever heard of a place called Northern Ireland? They have a long running problem that means your solution won't work!

    In summary - (London)Derry has two distinct populations - Loyalist(Protestant) and Republican(Catholic) - so it depends who you ask.
  14. and to add more confusion - the biggest Proddie statement and biggest flash point is the annual parade of, wait for it..........

    the Apprentice Boys of Derry!
  15. Well the joke for a while was to call it Dingle-Dangle!