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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperSLime, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Am I the only old cunt who's annoyed that the world's default encyclopaedia is missing the word "London" from the name of NI's second biggest shithole? The city is called LONDONDERRY, that's it's official legal name and all that, and I don't care how many Provo scum are upset and offended.
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  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    On the way to Londonderry a while ago,some thoughtful person had gone & spray painted out the 'London' on all the roadsigns I passed on my way there...Place is still a shithole &,in a way,I'm sorta glad they've unofficially removed the London bit...Saves our great capital being associated with a shithole!
  3. Wiki is open source - feel free to edit it if you feel so offended.

    It would take a duty ARRSE roster to keep re-editing the bloody thing as the other side change it back- the online equivalent on painting the Forth bridge.

    I'm being flippant and not going for a bite (despite this being the NAAFI) ;)
  4. As "the other side" are PIRA-loving scum, I'm willing to spend a few minutes a day reverting their fucking lies.
  5. Fair call - bagsie I'm not on midnight stag
  6. No need to revert their Provo shite every minute, so we don't need a midnight stag, but it would be nice if ARRSErs could drop by a couple of times a day and make sure the proper name's in use.
  7. Oh I do love the way statistics can be represented

    It states that "75% of Catholics and 77% of Nationalists found the proposed change acceptable, compared to 6% of Protestants and 8% of Unionists."

    Which implies, at first glance, that the overwhelming majority of people there want the name changed

    But then says
    "Then the EQIA held two consultative forums, and solicited comments from the general public on whether or not the city should have its name changed to Derry. A total of 12,136 comments were received, of which 3,108 were broadly in favour of the proposal, and 9,028 opposed to it."

    So in other words 74% of all people, irrespective of religion or political bias either wants it to be Londonderry or don't think its a big enough deal to change it.
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  8. Well my mothers lot are Armagh Prods and they've always called stroke city Derry. After all Derry's Walls an all.
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  9. Yawn. And the moronic behaviour that makes people unable to live together and has cost 3000+ lives continues.

    When will you lot grow up / evolve into normal, civilised people of the type such as one would reasonably expect to find in Western Europe in the modern age?
  10. Londonderry's in north Yorkshire isn't it ;-)

    If it bothers you so much why don't you ask the apprentice boys of Derry to change their name too?
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  11. OOOOOOOh! Hark at her! ..............Aaaand Box!
  12. The Wikipedia article does make clear that Londonderry is the official name and if you type in Londonderry, you do get the same page. So, who really cares? If some prick is bothered enough to consider wasting time every day checking whether wikipedia say's Londonderry or Derry, more fool them. I have more meaningful shit to do with my life. I've never been there anyway. I've always chosen Belfast to be my holiday destination of choice back in the seventies.

    Frankly, if the majority of residents of N.I. ever consider by democratic means that they wish to join the republic, let's do ensure that we bring all the money we spend there and the government paid jobs that are there back to the rest of the UK. I doubt that a union ever will happen though. If you probed deeper (probed, hmmm, there's a word) even the republic doesn't really want them. I like to think that some of these pricks know that really. :)
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  13. Check the dates then get back to me on that one.
  14. Aww but research is soooooo boring!
  15. [​IMG]
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