Derogatory fourm page name

Why is this forum called JUST TA, surely that is sending subliminal messages to the less intelignet members of HM armed forces ?

We do not see "JUST inf" or "JUST Engr"

Lets have a vote on a better forum name ?

TA, or
The part time professional

Any more offers ?
A long time ago (well at least a year or two), we had a combined board for the TA, OTC & ACF. This upset quite a lot of people from all 3 organisations so we split them up .... hence 'JUST TA'...
I also read it as a board for just the TA. I also refrain from slagging off the TA if I reply to any posts in this forum. i think you are worrying a bout nothing mate.


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Let's not get too paranoid about this, please. The Regulars are now more aware of the existence of the TA - at least at Field Officer level and below - than ever before, and this can only be a good thing.

LEt's leave us one area where we can talkamongst ourselves, please!
it's no biggy, it's like if you have a inf orientated question you go on the inf board, if it's a question TA suited you use this board simple as. Better than being clumped wioth the ACF & OTC!
Having a separate forum is the only way to avoid the world's supply of abuse from everyone else for spelling and typing like this...

[marq=left]"Derogetory fourm page name"[/marq]
I've noticed that lots of us STABs seem to be very taken with the (V) bit in our titles. Perhaps we could call it a volunteers page, thus foxing all of our regular counterparts who will steer well clear....

As everyone knows, never volunteer for anything. The very title will send them scuttling away in terror and we will be left in peace as before.


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All four REME TA Bns lost the (V) from their Bn titles last year. Part of the one Army concept, etc. Not sure about the Inf, but I think it's the same for most of them as well. Others (apart from the RAMC) don't count.

BTW, I think part-time professionals is a fine description. Some of the time we are pretty professional, and some of the time we ain't...
307 said:
it's no biggy, it's like if you have a inf orientated question you go on the inf board, if it's a question TA suited you use this board simple as.
Doesn't always work that way... a TA post in the Sigs forum (for example) will not get answered, stick it on this one and it does.

(p.s. I sure ones just jumped from TA onto Sigs one)
27days said:
So, nothing helpful from you then.....
On the contrary, it is nice to have somewhere that we can come to air the issues which, in a more open forum, might attract the ridicule of our full-time professional colleagues. (Arguably airing the issues in the title which appears on the home page might sort of defeat the object - but hey!)


i) the well balanced individual just might have a chip on both shoulders, but in contrast that

ii) just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not after you.
I have never been told to foxtrot oscar to ta forums, I find everyone on this site pretty hyelpful, except a few walts who pretend to be ex RM, airborne, spec op hardmen who are spotty 12 y.olds really.
Just live with it.

Slowly but surely the attitude of most regulars is changing, but not everywhere.

A PTI on the health and fitness forum made some derogitory comment about the "one army" policy. Sums it up really there is no one army policy and to some regs TA dont count as proper soldiers even on tour.

If you do a mob tour or FTRS after a year you are supposed to be able to transfer to the regs, via the AFCO. Try it you will still find that STAB and ARAB attitude is alive and well.

I got comments like "******* STABS wanting to join the regs, go back to FTRS cos we wont even process your application, we dont want STABS in the proper army" this after I had done a tour followed by more than 12 months FTRS with recommendations from Lt Col downwards.

It was also summed up rather nicely in a reply to a letter in Soldier a couple of years back (not by me I hasten to add, though my RSM thought it was) - along the lines of "we dont want TA mucking up the career progression of regulars even if they qualify for transfer because of Mob tours and FTRS" that was the official party line from top dog at Glasgow.

"Just TA" its how many see us, live with it, enjoy it, you wont change it by words just endlessly putting in tour time and FTRS.

FTRS is a strange tangent to be in! I was FTRS for 3 years and depending on what they wanted you to do depended on what you were! For example "you've got to coz you're in the Army" This was all very well until you tried to get a jolly/course etc when no suprise it was a case of "but you are just TA" Had to report to the Regt Manning officer and he told me "You DONT have a career path because you're TA/FTRS etc" Even the CO asked me why i was not extending! Stupid question really. :!:
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