Derelict Russian cruise ship adrift in the North Atlantic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by velcrostripes, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. The Pikeys are on their way in a rowing boat they have nicked of the Serpentine ,should arrive in about three weeks time
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  2. If Wiki is to be believed (!), it seems the Canadian authorities have done the dirty here, casting the ship adrift after it was no longer a danger to their concerns. Jack bastards!
    Still, if it maintains its present course of drift towards Africa, there will be numerous interested parties lying in wait.
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  3. Oh use it for target practice ( I think that might be illegal?)

    just say " It were a hazard to navigation" rather like a farmer shooting a dog " 'Im were worrying t'sheep"
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  4. I thought this was a myth.

    However since it doesn't seem to belong to anybody why not let some enterprising air farce use it for target practice? Or perhaps a navy see if their war stock of torpedoes actually works.
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  5. Looking at her position and predicted drift ( "heading for norwegian waters "possibly") she could well run into the FOST area...
    Oh go on go go on! if torpedoes are too expensive use gunfire!
  6. I am amazed there isn't an international body that deals with this sort of event . What's to stop the Russians , or anyone else for that matter, filling a ship of dubious provenance like this one with nuclear waste and just casting it adrift ?
    How come Greenpeace haven't got on their outrage bus yet ?
  7. Get orf moi ocean!

  8. Because nobody of any importance give a square **** what Greencunts think.
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  9. FFS.

    If only I knew a thing about boaty things. I'd seize it and turn it into a notorious party boat fore bored rich people and stunning bitches. Parties which would be seen as illegal on the mainland, naturally...
  10. It's probably full of asbestos insulation and bilge water contaminated with oil that would have to be disposed of as contaminated waste. The fuel costs to tow her somewhere for scrapping, where Health and Safety is less proactive, would be more than the scrap value. I'd suspect the valuable non-ferrous metals went AWOL when she was in Canada.

    The Japanese derelict that was headed for Caanada after the Tsunami was going to be salvaged until they found the oil tanks had split; then they sank her.
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  11. Sink her with gunfire.

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  12. Why not use it to entice naughty thieving pirates aboard and meet some sort of horrific death/maiming ? A bit like police using bait cars to catch car thieves , but a tad more lethal?