Derek Twigg, a response finally

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, May 7, 2007.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sorry folks for not finding the thread that started this whole paper chase off but it has been so long waiting for a response from our public servants that I have almost lost the plot let alone the thread.
    I e mailed the loser in response to the p1ss poor performance on TV when questioned regarding Health care for servicemen and women and ex service personnel finally broke earlier this year. I know that like many I was screaming at the tv for the smug git to answer the question that concerned me most. Post service care for veterans.
    I was promised that after my service (perhaps promised is a poor choice of words with politicians) that should I be in need of medical care that the QEMH or whoever I lived closest to would be able to carry out necessary care for me and bill the NHS to ensure I need not wait 18 months in a queue for a hip op. Remember I live in Gods waiting room and although the quality of surgery is high here back before the New money no object NHS the waiting list for the bone crushers was very long. I once waited 2 years for an appointment to see a specialist to look at my knee injured in TA service after leaving the regulars.Not that he could do anything with it apart from recommending a change in lifestyle, ie no more running.
    None of that is the issue. I wrote an email to the slimy drain on the public purse.
    The email was:Mr Twigg, I am a veteran, No xxxxxxxx and served several operational tours at the behest of the Govt of the day. I am concerned that there is now no longer any priority service as shown in last nights newsnight program.
    The worst part about the program, after the discovery that I can no longer be treated as an ex serviceman at any Military Hospital as when I left my regiment in 1988, was that in addition to having to queue for treatment with everyone else for injuries I recieved in service is that you could only answer questions about serving soldiers and their treatment at Selly Oak.
    The question asked By Mr Paxman were pertaining to all including ex servicemen and women and yet you chose not to answer this important part of the question. Why are we being abandoned into the general NHS population when the promises made about our treatment which it seems your Govt has decided will not be honoured. Shame on you and the so called public service.

    His response has finally arrived for what its worth and despite bullsh1tting about the best service being the NHS he hasnt answered the question regarding closure of the hospitals and the subsequent loading of veterans on the NHS who would be better cared for in a military hospital. This happens in Canada and the US!
    Comments please folks. The slimy git has left this since the 23rd January and is still not answering the main point of the question!
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When the whole Selly Oak business kicked off around Oct last year,I along with fellow ARRSE's wrote to our politcians.Mine being Lady Sylvia Hermon,MLA.Lady H was quick to respond but it was only last month or so that she recieved a reply from Twigg!In the whole two page letter,only one small paragraph was devoted to my concerns.The remainder was spin about what the Gov are planning to do,have done & how well it's going in Selly Oak.
    Lady H added a comment that she was not suprised about the length of time the reply took & that out of the whole of the Gov,The MoD was by far the worst to get any sense out of. Twigg should hang his head in shame!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Maybe we can do somethig about that!
  4. We wish. He's a liarbor politician, their idea of shame is a mumbled apology and a quick reshuffle. :puker:
  5. Hi Ugly
    I get a War Pension for PTSD,(I was Med/Discharge from the Army with PTSD),. and can also say I do-not get any Priority NHS Treatment, & because the War Pension is only 20% the Veterans Agency do-not fund me to go to Combat Stress, so yes Derek Twigg is full of S**t.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Time to shame the liars, sorry politicians, where's the lurking journalist when you want one!
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Ugly. Congrates for getting a responce. I have written to him in Jan/Mar/Apr with reference the promise made to the house by Mr Blurrrrr in October about seperate wards for service folk in Selly Oak and other hospitals, still to be achieved. I have yet to recieve a responce. And they have just handed themselves another £10,000 each to improve their communications with us lower order.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I had forgotten abou it and when the envelope arrived all MOD stamps I was a tad concerned, one for my sorry fat ass if I had been mobilised and 2 for the country if they were that desperate that they needed me!
    I e mither a lot of politicians, its free and easy and they only take notice of you if you make a fuss.
    Being the wrong side of 42, the wrong side of obese on the BMI scale and having lost 30% use of one arm in a car crash together with shagging both knees in same doesnt fill my heart with warmth when that sort of envelope lands.
    Having seen a few mates with PTSD and having conquered my demons through blended Whisky I feel safe enough to contribute to the tax pot for a few more years. I shall wait for my breakdown when I'm good and ready!
  9. With regards to the treatment of war pensioners, here is the key document-

    Just click on the link to see the actual document (Acrobat needed). Waving this in the face of Health Trusts along with the address of your MP usually does the trick.

    As for the old military hospitals, I am not sure there ever was an entitlement for veterans to be treated in them. I dealt (a long time ago) with medical admin in one such establishment. We used to get a steady stream of letters from ex-servicemen from all over the country requesting treatment. If they were outside our catchment area they got referred back to their local NHS. Don't know whether that was a local or MOD policy though.
  10. In Scotland the equivalent leaflet is - NHS HDL (2002) No 18 "Priority treatment for war pensioners"
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Re treatment of ex servicemen, I was informed by a friend who had need of the treatment after his discharge and thet at the time our local NHS had the longest waiting list going, longer than Eton. He was seen/referred to Woolwich and treated.
  12. Not saying it didn't happen at all, but I believe it was on a grace and favour basis. As far as I am aware, there was no statutory duty placed on MOD hospitals to treat ex-servicemen.
  13. You are 100% correct (grace and favour)
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ......I read a dit the other day from some guy based in Washington talking about what the Veterans Affairs healthcare provision amounts to, bearing in mind that medical care is a BIG political issue in the US, which the democrats under Bill and Hillary failed to put right despite best intentions.

    Turns out that out of a total U.S population of 300M people, right now around 60 million Americans are entitled to medical treatment courtesy of their VA system....or , to put it another way, the population of UK. And it don't come cheap.

    As far as I can tell ( and I may have got this absolutely arrse about face, so if you know better plse say so) that healthcare provison comes out of the DoD's pot of money.....

    Given that Liabour has been pumping gallons of moolah into our beloved National Health Service, shouldn't some of that cash have been earmarked for UK service veterans ?

    Don Cabra
  15. I was not aware of that - nor was it ever pointed out. Not that it makes any difference these days.