Derek Robinson aka Red Robbo is dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by velcrostripes, Oct 31, 2017.

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  1. You are confusing The LDV/Home Guard for Aux units. The Aux units used the Home guard as cover but a different operation, Aux guys went on to serve in the commandos.
    With severe asthma and his occupation and background I can not see Foot being anywhere near a Aux unit.
    Taken from the wilki link.
    It was suggested in 2011 that he became a member of the secret Auxiliary Units.[18]
    Click that link 18, it makes NO MENTION of this.
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  2. Yes mate, I was replying to Powerbroker, re LDVs. My old cub leader had been a teenaged Auxiliary in Pembrokeshire before being called up to serve in the Royal Signals.
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  3. I bet he had more purple hearts than a quality street box
  4. if only- He only ever got an EK2 from the first lot [ I've still got that] , nothing from the second,that I know of. He was a Master Butcher and Master Baker and the last thing he was- was a soldier.

    Edited to add, most reneactors would never want to pretend to be him, but he was probably the more accurate model.
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