Derek Robinson aka Red Robbo is dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by velcrostripes, Oct 31, 2017.

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  1. regarding robust action against dockers strikes, there was a dit about US marines being lined up with fixed bayonets against dock workers in the US, who were on strike. When invited to resume loading the ships, the dockers replied with a hail of paving stones and bottles,etc. The US marines simply charged with levelled bayonets and drove them off the docks. The next day, normal loading resumed, with armed Marines on hand to ensure reliability.
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  2. BUT on the other hand Lucky Luciano was released from prison early, and deported, after he had sent word to the NY longshoreman NOT to disrupt work at the docks.
    SS Normandie? A nice bit of Guinea Lightning that...
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  3. Very wrong, Michael Foot was a member of the Auxiliary Services during WW2, see links below:

    Michael Foot - Wikipedia
    Auxiliary Units - Wikipedia

    He was part of the 'Stay behind' units that were tasked to carry out guerrilla actions against invading German forces, effectively a suicide mission as they had a life expectancy of two to three days at best. Michael Foot may have been a socialist, but he was not a coward and the only reason he was not taken into the Forces despite volunteering was he had chronic asthma.
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  4. Utter balls.
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  5. wasn't that the chancellor?:)
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  6. Correct on both counts.
  7. Genuine question this, but if he had chronic asthma, he wouldn't have made it into the LDV , would he? IIRC those squads were recruited from the LDV .
  8. Desperate times, a bit more flexible on standards?
  9. Was he a protege of Tom Wintringham and (fellow travellers) initiative?
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  11. This book examines a lot of these issues 1030628805.0.m.jpg
    Australia's Secret War : How Trade Unions Sabotaged Australian Military Forces in World War II
    by Hal G.P. Colebatch
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  12. Oh him, I've no Idea, but it's funny that that aspect is less covered by left biased press. After all it wouldn't do for Corbyn to have to defend that we were more frightened of Communism than than Nazism or the PCness that goes with it. Of course the left are humongously happy with the fact that Churchill "could do business with Stalin". It papers over the way the Russians treated us and the fact that their "Great Patriotic war, couldn't have been fought without our help. 1936 is for me a seminal year in our history because one could say "Ilea Iacta est" so many times that year.
    I caught something on U tube the other night which could probably be another thread- namely the attempted assassination of Edward VIII and the curious fact that that the "would be Assassin", got away with a Firearms attempt. It could be argued that the defeat of Churchill in 1945 was "engineered"rather than purely the populace being sick of war. They had to put up with Austerity well into his next Premiereship-rather like modern times really.

    Perhaps, after all, you couldn't be deferred for purely mental problems unless they were really serious.
  13. Jaeger,

    Wikipedia now has a more robust policy in ensuring accuracy of articles. so if you know different to what the links say, do tell.

    And the recruitment criteria for the LDV was somewhat flexible, as my Grandad served in the Worcestershire LDV, and he had asthma as a consequence of a gas attack in WW1.
  14. As did mine - shot through the throat, then gassed through the 'ole and still managed to be fit enough to be a Home Guard CSM.
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  15. God you Brits had it easy then. Mine was gassed at Verdun back in the front line involuntarily in Russia in the second lot then got wounded again before they sent him home.
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