Derek Humphries - RIP

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fritzy, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Derek joined the Army in 1968 and served with the Royal Engineers. He transferred to the Corps in the 1970s, having an unusually mixed career alternating between interesting jobs across the water, and being a PI. He retired in the late 1980s as a WO1 in 6PI Coy, Rheindahlen.

    Derek died unexpectedly on Tuesday.

    The funeral is on Thursday 3 Nov in Gloucestershire.

    Anyone who knows Derek and wants details of the funeral please PM me.

  2. RIP Derek. Knew him in Germany in mid '70s. Great guy and will I'm sure be sadly missed.
  3. Sad news, a real Gent. RIP
  4. THis is very sad news. Fritzy PM inbound.
  5. Me and Mrs Bunduq have just got back from the funeral (sorry Derek, meant to say gig) and the wake, a very emotional event, but shot through with the humour of the man.

    I got to know him after his military service, when he had gone into his later career, in which he showed great professionalism.

    He is sorely missed.