Derek Fowlds (Oscar Blaketon off Heartbeat)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by japseyewarrior, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Just having a family night in and the parents are watching the tele while I'm being the usual anti-social Kevin (making the most of the wireless I got dragged out of bed this morning to install) when my Mum points out that this character is "wearing the same tie as you (me)"

    Anybody know if the gent is an ex sapper or was it his character?
  2. You wear a corps tie around the house... :?
  3. :roll:

    Only when my regimental one is in the wash.
  4. Could start a thread in the NAFFI on what we sometimes wear around the house... and use a Corps tie for…..
  5. As Derek Fowldes did his National Service in the Navy, it seems likely that the tie is just a wardrobe item.
  6. Cheers for clearing that up Puttees 8)
  7. I'm a sad bastard for knowing this, but I seem to remember that his character had been a POW in ww2, possibly Changi, and had flashbacks or summat, so deffo ex-forces of some kind.
  8. Now I'm confused.

    Yet he wears an RE tie (or is it Guards? I've got to admit not really looking closely). Is this another job for the Waltfinder General?
  9. I seem to remember an episode where Balaketon went to a commando reunion?
  10. Now, how sad is this.............*deep breath*

    PC Ventris was the ex-Commando.

    A further episode had Blaketon meeting a guy who he had served with. The inference was that both were ex-Inf as Blaketon was described as '..............the best spit and polish man in the Battalion.........'

    *anorak off*