Derek Acorah-TVs biggest embarrassment.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sid_Ruff, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone justify this stupid ba$£ard's continued existence on the TV, or indeed to keep breathing? I can only manage to watch for 5 minutes before wanting to strangle the sad fukcer. I mean, a message from a dead dog for fukcs sake; cue Acorah standing in front of an audience barking.
  2. He is all of the above, but he probably pays more in tax than we'll ever earn, so who's the idiot?

    Woof woof!
  3. True, but I still can't watch him. Every time he is on tv I have to switch it over!
  4. Thoroughly pleasant fella according to those in the know.
    He works, pays his due's and is pretty inoffensive.
    If you don't like him press the magic buttton on your remote and change channel. Not that I watch him either!
  5. Yvette found it hard not to snigger!!!
  6. Deserves all the money he's ever earned for working with that screaming bitch Fielding
  7. Hang on, whats that Sam.. murdered you say... oh by evil landlord, with a shoelace...

    What a charlatan!!
  8. This appears to be the start of his downfall.

    Bodmin Gaol

    I always was told that your spirit guide was a member of your family. Maybe a Great Grandfather or Mother, but was always someone in your direct line. How the hell did a Scouser get an Ethiopian Warrior or maybe his mother had something to hide. :hump:
  9. Has he tried to find Maddie?
  10. He has been caught out a few times regarding fraud, twice by one of the 'Most Haunted' Team. However, did anyone watch Most Haunted last night, apparently set at the RAF base in the Silent Town
  11. I thought the best one was where Harry Hill took the piss out of him.
    Barking like a dog? He really is barking, and that's coming from me. :wink:
    Fair play though to Acorah, he did go on Harry's TV Burp and send himself up a bit. Not that he had a choice...
  12. "Acorah's credibility has been questioned following his work on Most Haunted. On numerous investigations for the programme, Acorah would appear to become possessed by spirits or an evil entity or would appear lost and confused. On one such occasion, Acorah claimed to be possessed by the spirit of a man called Kreed Kafer. In a later interview the programme's parapsychologist, Ciaran O' Keeffe claimed that the character was completely fictional. O' Keeffe claims that he fabricated the "Kreed Kafer" character (an anagram of "Derek faker"), and misfed the information to Acorah who subsequently presented it as fact.!

    To$$er! Can't even hire decent lackeys to cover for him, haha!
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I must be lucky enough never to have even seen him to have had to change the channel!

    Who is this twatt of whom you speak?
  14. Basically a silver haired scouser who talks to his shoulder a lot