Dereck chisora and David haye brawl

Quite shocking really, why do professional boxers make such a fool of themselves and the sport.
Chisora always been a Cnut but I thought David haye would have resisted biting to the taunts.
Apparently Chisora was threatening to shoot Haye. This and his idiotic antics with the dignified Klitschko have made him look a bit of a child, albeit one who could punch a hole in your head.
The thing that really pissed me off was that half-wit wearing a Union Flag design cloth wrapped around it's face. Once again GB is dragged through the gutter.
Tyson and Lennox press conference has nothing on chisora and haye, haye made good use of a tripod which I think he hit his own manager with? Dereck threatening to shoot haye, maybe there will be a scene of dejavu with the incident involving Tupac....

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