DERA sale - fraud of the century

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. This would be beyond belief, if it wasn't for the fact that this incompetent mendacious government will roll over to enrich anyone in its clique or furthering its agenda. It should be called fraud or insider dealing and the civil servants in question are the sleazy disreputable antithesis of public service and integrity.

    I did some work with DERA and Qinetiq before and after the sell-off, it was clear at the time that this was blatant asset-stripping designed to enrich a few snout-troughs and the Carlyle Group with a few pennies perhaps reaching the Treasury.,,2214477,00.html
  2. Unfortunately,the higher ups at QinetiQ have already taken the money,and some have run away.The slaves,of course,got little or nothing.And Nu Labour are criticising hedge funds,for their opacity!! They have no shame,and neither does QinetiQ!! Money that could have been raised for the Armed Forces,from the sale,has been trousered by people,who dont give a flying f..k for the Armed Forces.
  3. Don't get me started on this one. However the slaves did get something depending on length of service etc.

    As an organisation they are absoluteley useless and have turned a national asset and world class R&D organisation into a shambles. The senior management are useless, aided and abetted by former members of HM Forces.
  4. So, lets beat them at their own game and privitise a battalion or two? How about we put, say, the 2RRF on Ebay for starters? Split the profits equally?
  5. Man I really have to get my snoat in this trough.

    Civil Service, local council, MP anything. I, like all of you I am sure, work my ass off and get shafted by all and sundry. If I sold of my integraty, guilt, humanity, pride and loyalty I could run for office and make me fortune.

    My idea about becoming the Arrse's tame MP is looking better every day. Its a dam sight easyer than becomeing a civil servant.
  6. We all know what the Carlyle Group is, hardly a surprise the Treasury didn't object. Gordon Browns & Tony Blairs pension plan?
  7. Not far off the mark the Jihadist. Dont forget the other shareholders, GwB and his 'friends', also John (Im the only boy in history to run away from the circus to become an accountant) Major to name but a few.
    Snouts in trough, in your own time, carry on.
  8. This really is not very difficult.

    The original sale was a complete nonsense forced through at the behest of the Treasury (i.e Gordon Brown) with the primary objective to reduce the defence budget.

    They therefore simply did not want to believe what they were being told about the potential value of the assets being sold off for a song. Hence the lousy deal struck and the vast profits made by others.

    Some may now try to crow about the "value created" and the extra cash generated on the later part sale of the Government stake but that is just spin.

    It is like trying to say you sold a part of your house to reduce running costs but did so for bugger all because you did not know what it was really worth. But then you claim that overall you did really well by selling a bit more at a realistic price later on. B0llocks: may have saved a few quid in running costs but simply got taken to the cleaners on the first sale and lost the embedded value forever.

    A bad, short term benefit decision was made by Gordon Brown when other options were available. His minions then simply ran around to make sure it worked at any price. And guess what: it did!

    Hardly surprising the NAO is going to rip them to shreds.
  9. Lets auction the lot off!
    What am I bid for the Coldstream guards?
    Not mine to sell but that does seem to be the theme!
  10. And this is the Government that may be in charge of 'Nationalising' Northern Rock. Don't think so!

    Although on second thoughts what can I do about it??
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Create yourself a private equity company, offer HMG a 1/8 of what NR is valued at and Bob's your uncle, your away! :roll:

    PS I volunteer to be some sort of irresponsible hanger on. My fee is a couple of million a year :D
  12. The fact that the pathetic excuse of an ex prime minister John Major made a killing on this sell-off is a scandal.

    When this sort of thing happened under the Tories,liarbore made promises that this sort of thing would not happen under a liarbore administration.

    It need not be said that Major's lot presided over a number of defence cutbacks in the ninties.

    Major's holiday estate in Norfolk is guarded at taxpayers'expense(400 grand a year at last estimate).
  13. Uh what's John Major, and his country house even more so, got to do with any of this? From a quick search QunintiQ got amalgamated and then part sold off four years after Labour were elected as the government. So am I missing something or are you just having a random pop at the bloke because you didn't like him as Prime Minister?

    Well apparently the Duke of Atholl is the only private person in the UK that's allowed to raise his own legal private army, the Atholl Highlanders. Why not get him to buy them and then rent them out as a Private Military Contractor? Hell, going on past form he could probably turn straight back around and hire them out to the government for five times the old cost under a Public-Private Partnership agreement. ;)
  14. Major was part of the Carlyle Group ( a Director IIRC) which pumped money into DERA/Qinetiq and made a profit that would have embarrassed a Russian Oligarch.

    However he is a cnut anyway and was the direct cause of the equipment debacle post Op GRANBY when the Britsh Army's kit arrived home in rag order because he wanted the troops out asp and didn't give them time to sort their equipment out prior to shipping it home.

    And he shagged that old minger Edwin Currie.
  15. John Major?? No better than the present Nu Liabore lot,IMHO