Der Spiegel science- Filthy leftists are chronically unhappy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by USMarineX, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. <Basically, leftists are chronically more unhappy and they are never happy until your money is in someone else's pocket, preferably an Islamic radical. It's science, so its fact>

    Is socialists' life less happy than other people's life? :evil:

    According to scientists, who evaluated a survey completed by thousands in 70 countries: YES

    So hypothetically individual happiness depends on your political orientation.

    The social democrats in Germany haven't had happy moments for quite some time. Opinion polls aren't in favor of 'em, the great coalition's merits are picked by the CDU primarily and a truly charismatic candidate for the next run for chancellorship is still to be found.

    The blues mood of some SPD member, is possibly NOT a random incident. That's the conclusion of scientists after the analysis mentioned above

    The substantial survey run by Christian Bjørnskov of the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark with assistance of two colleagues provides evidence that more leftism results in less happiness and vice versa.

    Data of the so-called World Value Survey has been used which includes response of 90 000 tested persons on 400 questions. The survey dealt with political orientation, trust in other persons, satisfaction with life, attitude towards religion and corruption

    Of course, lefties being less happy with life might be a result of lower social status and lower income, said Bjørnskov in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE. That's why these material factors have been analyzed thoroughly. But the hypothesis turned out to be WRONG: "Dissatisfaction seems to be the result of the individual interpretation of the word fairness."

    <Yeah, unfair is making money through talent and hard work. Fairness is when you have eight children and get paid hefty sums. Feckin' scum leftists.>,1518,507558,00.html
  2. Yes, yes, yes, that's all very well. But what makes Sun Wu a walt? You have us all on tenderhooks, here...

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  4. Are you left handed, USMX, or just a normally melancholy bloke/bird. You seem to have a knack of bringing others down with you.
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  6. Who'd of thought, An American posting drivel from a German newspaper on a British website.

    Go and play on the M62
  7. USMarineX's posts tend to cheer me up. If he's the best the lunatic right has to offer Castro, arm in arm with Chavez, Morales and Barack Obama, will be marching down Constitution Avenue sometime next month. But someone told me USMarineX is only twelve. With spots on his spots.

  8. Ofcourse what report failed to metion was why they are unhappy.

    Because happyness is a warm gun, and only red-neck, cracker-ass, jar-head, no-talent fucktards like this USMC wannabe think they are man enough to have a gun.
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    Stonker On ROPs

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  11. if he was too try the 3rd rail on the underground it would make me happy, is that mean to wish ill of a person 8O or am i just a mardy b_itch :)
  12. Lefties are the most unhappy. Ignorance is bliss. Connect the dots...