Deputy Commander Army Reserves

Gerry the Duke has been appointed to this new job.

Anyone know what it is for? No PR yet...

Is this an insight that the Reserves will have a greater role in the future, or is it to make sure he is still in uniform for the Diamoind Jubilee?
have you got a linky thingy?



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He's representative of the fact that a big chunk of UK land forces are Reserves - and it needs someone to look after their interests in the Army, as opposed to a 2* in the tri-Service Reserve Forces & Cadets role in MOD.

Anyway, he's a Top Bloke, who takes no crap from anyone, so fair play to him :)


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Interesting title. I wonder if it's an indication that we are going to formally ditch the ditch the 'Territorial' name. I've never really cared for it. It doesn't really mean anything especially if you're in a nationally recruited unit. I'd also like to ditch the 'Volunteer' titles bearing in mind that the regular forces are also volunteers.

Colonel General BuggerAll TD Late Royal Highland Silent Assassins (Reserves) or Col Gen BuggerAll TD L/RHSA(R)
Does this mean we have to buy our TAC's, add in a stable, put horse riding on the training programme, wear different capbadges down to platoon level and endlessly go on about messine ridge?.. (bloke being Londons)
Bloke also being landlord of a TA Rifle Company.


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Bloke also being landlord of a TA Rifle Company.

And one or two other places as well....

As for the Bond Street gaff, which is indeed rather a desirable property for a Drill Hall, his Grace was driving past it some years ago when he noticed a "For Sale" sign. He made a lot of people very upset when he explained that HE owned it, not the MOD, and that if it was to be sold, he'd be the one doing it.

Anyway, he is indeed a Top Geezer, and it's great to have him back :)
^Maybe it's a brush with the past..... Tetley Brewery's to 'own'/sponsor the Leeds Inf, as would Boots, Raleigh and John Players in Notts..... again

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