Dept of Homeland Security orders nearly 1 BILLION Rounds of .40 cal and .223 ammo

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. So then, we can assume Barry is bored and planning a small war in some Caribbean island? :p
  2. They use 20 million rounds plus a year some plank probably added an extra zero by mistake
    Good new s yanks cheap,surplus ammo when they realize justvhow much has been ordered :)
  3. I don't know for sure but given the Coastguard, Immigration and Customs enforcement including the Border Patrol, the Federal Protective Service, Secret Service and Sky Marshals all come under DHS command it isn't that surprising. I suspect I've probably left out a few.

    A quick effort at adding up the sworn law enforcement or military members of those organisations (figures from wiki) comes to around 116000 they would all have a personal weapon I presume. If you divide the 1 Bn by that number you get around 8600 per weapons user. It's pretty high but I imagine skewed by some agencies and roles I imagine Secret Service protection officers must get through a lot of rounds a year as would the USGC.

    It is surprising just how many organisations come under DHS though.

    I wonder how much gets used on operations, I suspect very little.
  4. Based on my latest visit to Cabellas, these guys are looking a little restrained...
  5. The entire population of Mexico is only 110 million, so how many rounds are needed to prevent illegal border crossings?


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  6. The ******* yanks need that many cos they can't hit **** all with 20 mags each... and if they do its always the wrong ******* side.....
    my jacket please
  7. Erm....ok that sounds like a serious and plausible answer. Thanks.
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  8. Are you attending the 2d Annual ARRSE Shoot here in the Spring so we can establish the truth or falsity of your contention?:)
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  9. I cant find ammo anywhere right now.
  10. Having a large number of friends who are on the job with the several agencies within DHS I can assure you they do not use anywhere near that amount in training per year and considerably less than 1% used for real.
  11. No cos my flak jacket ain't thick enough........thanks for the offer anyway..
  12. Or even a bit closer to home.
  13. I am sure if you talk with those who attended last year you may find your assessment a bit over the top.

    "Oh Mongo, where are you?"
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  14. When Kris heads up a build on Sons of Guns, they get through more ammo than that before they get the ******* thing firing properly.
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