Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hunterdog, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. I really need some help here, how do i stand in wanting to join the regs but have suffered from depression in the last year, have been treated and come through it, is it gonna set me back? I'm 32 and desperately want to join before i'm too old.
  2. Phone you local Army Careers office and ask for the up-to-date spin on it!
  3. If you look around previous threads out this, it looks like it may cause you drama's! Seek the Doctors advice.
  4. Going to be brutally honest. If you wanted to have joined you would have done it 15 years ago. I am sorry that you have depression but the bottom line is that we do not need a 32yr old with mental health issues going thru' basic. The Military at at the sharp end is not for anybody with cargo/baggage.
  5. Lie. It's your last chance to join anyway so you might as well give it a go.
  6. Well, it seems like you are lying already! A post has just been made on rumration with exactly the same title, by a user called 'wolf' (as opposed to hunterdog), who joined RR on the same day you join Arrse. So is the army or the navy 'all you've ever wanted to do'?.
  7. Be clear of meds for two years is the minimum requirement - will no doubt be ultimately judged on doctors appraisal of your medical history.
  8. Even if you lie, eventually it will catch you out, whether it be that you find yourself on the front line in Afghanistan and you fall apart, or they find previous history. Think you fu**ed it to be honest, and like what was posted earlier, you should have joined as a thrusting young bloke. Basic training at times is designed to test an individual when he is outside his comfort zone, you will be pushed further that you have pushed yourself before and you do not need to attend with extra baggage, it is not fair on yourself or especially your comrades. The blokes need to trust you when the chips are down, through thick and thin. Question is can you commit and promise you will be there for them?
  9. Hey, Sherlock, re-read his post properly on there. He never mentions once that he wants to join the RN. He just says;

    Ok, so asking advice about joining the Army on a Bum Ration isn't going to get him the answers he wants but what do you expect? He's depressed. :roll:

    Ministry of Silly Questions
    Bldg 4 Broadmoor
  10. Seem's like there is an identical thread started on Rum Rations? If it is you (which I feel it is), you are obviously not that desperate to join the mob and therefore shouldn't darken our doors as you are not commited enough!
  11. There's degrees of depression. Let's face it, anyone who has lost a spouse, parent or child is naturally going to be depressed. It's a natural reaction.

    For that matter living in New Labour's Britain is enough to do it. :X

    I would venture that unless you have some serious mental health issue it would all be resolved at your medical.

    That's just my opinion of course but I would suggest you discuss it with your GP and just answer the questions asked at the AFCO and medical.
  12. matt duran the detective proves a point. depression is subscribed to people with too much time on there hands. Leave it to the professionals who are 32 year old staffies!!!
  13. let me clear this up, I did join up when i was a young bloke, got 204'd for achillies tendonitis, absolutely gutted when that happened. told could re join, life got in the way, bad things happened and then thought i was too old, then found out age limit upped, great, half of my depression was down to thinking i would never be able to have my chance again in the army.
  14. As already suggested, phone your local careers office tomorrow and if need be, get an appointment with your prescribing GP.
  15. Your GP will only place a time bar for entry on your medical file if you have self harmed (I THINK - not 100%).

    Speak to your GP and the recruiting office.

    As for being too old/carrying baggage - bollox.

    Age - There are 2 31 year olds in basic in one of the troops here right now (I choked on my tea - they're older than me).

    Baggage - even 17 year olds these days seem to have a full series of Oprah in their past that they only remember when they get to their darkest hour of training (usually day 2, 0630, the nasty instructor is getting them out of bed and they haven't had an XBox fix for 48 hours and their mum's lipstick has washed off of their cheek by then too...).

    I would caveat this with the fact that at 32 you will be about 12 years older than the "average" recruit and probably older than most of the NCOs - can you deal with that?