Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. seen a few threads about people gettin deffered coz of depression

    about a year ago i was pretty down as i'd lost my job n that and was in debt.. and me mum made me go the doctors to see if i was depressed

    they took blood pressure etc and it wasnt high at all... was just normal

    so i never got prescribed anythin or took anythin for it... that was it

    debts are now cleared anyway.. but just wonderin if they might defer me for that? be gutted if they do!
  2. You're depressing me.
  3. thanks for that

  4. I'm on the window ledge.
  5. lol just spoke to me mum

    i thought i went there over depression.. was coz i was gettin dizzy all the time.. an it was slightly low blood pressure thankfully

    an anyway.. ur weird you
  6. Weird Bicuits might be Chris, but he ain't as depressing as you.

    While I'm at it, how old's your mum, and is she a bit of a "babe"? :D
  7. hahaha an how am i depressin then MATE
  8. room for another one?
  9. If your not depressed now you will be once you have joined up

  10. Isn't it about time she tucked you in and read you a story.
  11. this window ledge is getting quite full.

    Oi im jumping first, whaddya mean its a bungalow!!!

    Armadillo, missus is depressed coz the sheep died in neighbours, did nt appreciate me giving her the mint sauce out of the kitchen.
  12. full of fuckin nuggets this site fair do's haha

    oh well..thanks for the stupid replies everyone
  13. Actually, does anybody know about Depression and how serious it needs to be before they tell you to not bother. I've got my medical tomorrow and I had a bit of a bad time (Prozac perscribed) a few years ago. I'm fine now though!

    Any thoughts?
  14. That, that bit there that I've highlighted, that's what I would be worrying about.

    Anyway, whats your mum doing home, shouldn't she be pushing bags of chips through the railings at your local school?
  15. hahahaha

    and about the low blood pressure... it changed wen i started eatin healthier

    had it took at the quacks a few weeks ago and it was sound.