Depression! Take 2 weeks off

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by flattley, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. Is it me are all the new sprogs using depression to get 2 weeks off.

    Never used to be like this

    Maybe we should all go depressed on monday!
  2. What's your source of info? Tell me more.
  3. One well tried route is to go to the MO and say if you go out on patrol again you will shoot someone! Six months off. NOT me I hasten to add!
  4. last 2 postings have seen 7 peeps do this
  5. In the infantry that used to be a fcuking guarantee that you WOULD end up on patrol
  6. Yea but's what your info. source Flattley? Are you just making this up? Everyone once in a while has thrown a sickie.
  7. i know cos ive seen their sick chits.

    it just makes extra work/op tours for the rest of us
  8. What, so they report to you personally when they've got their sick chits so you can examine them? Are you a Doctor or something?

    Stop whining on ARRSE and go and get some work done you depressing cnut.
  9. obviously uve only bin in army for a few secs.

    as a line manager you always get a copy of the chit

    get a life cnut
  10. Why didn't you explain that when I asked you twice for your info. source? I presumed this was a newly introduced military wide medical policy decision that you had picked up in the media, it sounds like the type of dumb-ass change that would be made.

    But since it's just a whining line manager who's scared of a bit of work then it looks like you'll have to do just that, a bit of fcucking work.
  11. I knew someone who was posted to germany, didn't like it, claimed 'depression' and ended up with a posting they wanted in the UK. Oh yeah, she got 4 months off work in between. $hit i was supposed to keep the sex of the said person a secret................
  12. I feel I am qualified to make the following post as I am an NHS student, Pad brat, sister of SIB monkey, Sister of RS Lcpl I am a wanna be (can't fault my honesty) and I am an X cadet who occasionally lends a hand.

    Depression is an illness. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I am sure that some people wander down the road to the med cen and say to the MO. “Do you know Sir I feel terribly down”, just to escape the boredom of "Stagging on" or Tick tocking about "However depression is the common cold of mental illness." Depression not only affects your mind, the ability to think, great difficulty concentrating or making logical decisions. It also has physical symptoms changes in sleeping pattern, changes in eating, fatigue, and inexplicable aches and pains. There is also the social implications loss in sex drive, disinterest in sport, hobbies, socialising, neglecting responsibilities and personal appearance. I can see a lot of potential warning for orders in that brief explanation.
    The MO has a difficult decision when a soldier tips up and says "I'm depressed" does he alllow that individual to leave and take a weapon and kill himself or another soldier, or go back to the block and hang himself. This in turn could cause a bigger problem one example the post trauma suffered by the service men who clear up after them.

    You may have done a thousand days on tour/operations in NI, Falkland conflict, Bosnia, Iraq Kosovo etc seen the horrors of war, civil unrest. It’s a different matter seeing the body of someone you love and the horror that is suicide. You become the victim. Think of your best buddy the person you relied on in Ulster walking down the Falls road, think of the time at the road block in Bosnia when his quick thinking saved your life, think of the time he shielded you from the Yanks and friendly fire in Iraq. Now I have your attention think of cutting his body down, he is cold and revival is not an option. Think of how you feel as you shout for help - Think about the MO pronouncing him dead - think of SIB running around the block in paper suits photographing the body, the indignity of your friend. Think about knowing there will be a murder inquiry - Think about a pathologist cutting up your friend. Think about attending another funeral.

    Corruption and dishonesty is part of human nature there will always be someone who will milk the system. I for one would not want to make the decision of weither someone is depressed or is a milinger. They make a decision which is life or death.

    The Office for National Statistics said there were 5,755 suicides in the UK in 2003.
    Young men who scored low on intelligence tests were two to three times more likely to commit suicide.
    World Health Organisation figures show a suicide takes place somewhere in the world every 40 seconds.

    Nice reply. I have to say that for a line manager Flattley that was eloquently presented.

    Doom and Gloom you are my hero/heroine, (I'm not to know I was a lurker) I love reading your posts you nasty pastie.
    My last point is weither its a mental health issue, an STI or Cancer you have no business in talking about another persons medical documentation. You have no business in questioning an officers opinion. I do not care if you are a Field Marshal, Tony Blair or Secertary for Defense , it is no-one's place to judge a medical doctor educated opinion.
    If anyone is depressed I suggest you go to the med cen, Go to AWS get help or if that is not an option try or Depression can be help. Please do not present yourself on my shift I am only a student and quite frankly I have already seen far too many attempts. As selfish as I sound if you can't do it for you do it for my collegues.
  13. I agree, but i'm afraid that being in the Royal Signals just doesn't quite cut it. I can understand Mcnab and co getting 'depressed' but not someone at a slipper city signals Unit.
  14. depression can come in many forms. dead bodies traumatic times etc or even doing the same mundane stuff every day. i think the signals has the potential for the latter. although its not unknown to see some horrible stuff either. i am a rsigs and have seen alot of grusome stuff, iv been in small arms contacts and been cought in the open when mortars are going off. so the potential is there for us remfs. rare but its there. the theatres we operate in arent exactly nice places.

    depression can also be triggered by something behind the scenes, family friends partners etc. stuff thats is not neccisarily "in green"

    family. troubles at home a close knit family then service life keeps them away. or they might feel as if they are the least loved out of the family because they never see or hear from their own family due to the nature of the job we do living abroad/far away/on tour. (i know for a fact i hardly ever call home... too darn expensive!)

    thier civvy mates dont know him/her anymore due to that posting abroad can make the individual feel lonely unwanted, especially moving around units all the time. its like starting school again. bearing in mind the young lads are 17 18 and arent long out of school themselves.

    girlfriends. tricky one. split ups, misunderstandings, STDs, separation. alienation from the lads. it all can be tough and different people react to it in different ways.

    now of course there is the malingerers. depression could be the new knee injury, 2 cushy weeks off cheers easy. but before you tar them all with the same brush, stop and think about stuff that is behind the scenes. they might not actually be faking. some people can put up a very convincing front. especially in a macho environment such as the army. the flood may be caused by the first one going for help. no one else wanted to go first.
  15. True, but the sick chit rarely says what's wrong with them, usually it says what they're excused and until when.