Depression/self harm

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by green545, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. I know this has been mentioned before, however I wanted to add my story and ask for advice. Im applying for the Royal Anglians and am waiting for my doctor to complete the medical forms, however i have an entry on my medical record of depression and i self harm. It was dated just over a year ago. I have added a letter explaining the situation, which was a family death and relationship problems at the time. The incident of the self harm was a stupid action during an argument with my wife where i scratched myself. The wife and I went to the doctors to talk about marriage councilling and the doctor put it down to depression (for Both) and noted the incident of self-harm. I was perscribed mild anti-depresants for 3 months which i didn't take.

    The thing I want to know is, with my letter and the doctor (hopefully) adding to the notes would this be ok for the selection doctors. Do they take into consideration every case or will they see (depression/self-harm) and refuse without looking into it. Im hoping at worst they may defer me for a year.

    Any comments welcome.
  2. I think you'll get rejected personally, but thats based on someone else I know who tried for the Marines with a similar thing a couple of years before applying.

    Hopefully they will assess yoru case thoroughly, but chances are that you might pose a risk. I'm not sure how well rejecting prescribed medication will put you either, but I know nothing about how applicants are vetted.
  3. whatever the outcome mate good on you applying and you never know they might just ask you to be assessed. i know self harm in the army makes you an S7 (mentally harmful) which i doubt will help you get in..
  4. Thanks guys, i will be well gutted if I dont. im just hoping that they see it was a stupid but valid reason. its frustrating that a drunken night can come back to haunt you in your life.
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  5. hello bud.
    from my own experience it's be the anti-depressants that would set you back more had you taken them.
    think you have to be clear 3 years?
    as for the S/I, do you have to mention it? only mention it if you really have to, as in it's on your record.
    all the best bud. if you have any questions, PM me.
  6. only an idea, but why not say you are not registered with a gp, being in perfect health?

    I haven't been registered for years, although my wife and kids are, and its not unusual. Just say that if you ever needed to, you went to A and E...
  7. Why is it that every time anyone comes onto Arrse with a medical problem there is always some fool that says 'lie about it/deny it/pretend it didn't happen'?
  8. I wouldnt call a moment like that a "medical problem", only a fool would.
  9. I should have said medical problem or perceived problem with the medical. either way its foolish to lie about it.
  10. there's a difference between telling a fib, and just not mentioning it, and saying you don't have a gp is deceitful, yes, but understandable, and this man just had a bad moment, which is now on a record.

    I see your point of view, but in view of the fact that he really wants to serve, I think not mentioning this blip serves him and the nation better than the "fail" which may well ensue.
  11. If he was prescibed them, doesn't that amount to the same thing mate? And how could he prove he hasn't taken them?
  12. to not mention that he had received treatment for depression (I'm not getting into was it real depression, a one off moment of foolishness etc,) he will actually have to lie on various medical forms. This, if (when) discovered, makes him an instant Defect on Enlistment. applying with honesty and being either accepted, deferred or refused (which can be fought) is a far better way to go about it.
    I don't have access to JSP346 or PAP 2007 to check the rules on depression and self harm on entry so can't comment on his chances.

    Also see 'Values and standards'
  13. cool, youprobably know a lot more about this than I, but he sounds like a good egg, so best of luck to him
  14. Went to the doctors last night to fill in my medical forms and when I have explained that the self-harm was taken out of context at the time he decided not to add the self-harm on my medical forms. He made a note explaining that the one incidence of depression was due to a family death and family problems and it was an one off.

    This now changes my first post slightly for the better and was wondering how I would stand now?

  15. you may be on the local nhs severe mental health illness register. Your gp could of added you as a suicide risk. You might want to stop in and ask about that as well. check they didn't do that and forget.