depression deferred til 2008?

This is my first post on the site, can i Thank anyone who responds to this post.

I recently finished university and despite a poor start (on which i became depressed and received pills for two months) all was fine. it was a stupid little chapter in my life and having just turned 18 was nothing too serious in the grand scheme of things. i recently scored highly in my barb test and am currently physically very fit. i have however been told i cannot apply to the british army now until 2008 without receiving treatments, or having returning symptoms. i know this will not happen again, i was foolish in going to the doctor in the first place and he was overzealous in handing out pills.

My question is whether or not there is an agency within the army to do with recruitment in which i can appeal this decision? I am fit in body and mind and looking forward to becoming a part of the royal signals.

Thanks again to anyone who may be able to help me.
darren said:
This is my first post on the site, can i Thank anyone who responds to this post.

i was foolish in going to the doctor in the first place and he was overzealous in handing out pills.
You most certainly not foolish in consulting your GP. Many people who commit suicide would possibly be still alive if they had only seen a GP. Do not allow yourself to think that you are less of a man because you had depression. 1 in 5 men will experience a serious depressive episode at least once in their life - makes you think doesn't it?

As for the pills. It is a fact that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) such as Prozac & Peroxatine are a very efficent method of relieving depression. The important factor with them is to reduce the dose slowly over time & not to stop taking them abruptly. If you do you will feel like shite.

As for the time span. I would assume that the MOD/Army are just being cautious. If you haven't had a relapse by 2008 then you are quite unlikely to do so.
Perhaps you could get your GP to refer you to the local psych ward for evaluation, to prove that you have fully recovered and are unlikely to have a relapse.

best wishes nate. It cant be easy for you.
Thanks for your replies.

By stupid what i meant was that i dont think it was full clinical depression. i felt lethargic and tired, not miserable. i have never thought of self harm or suicide or anything as serious as that. i think it was more of a case of burning the candle at both ends. having registered with a doctor at university i lost my place in my hometown infirmary so was given a part time locum doctor. I never mentioned the word depressed to her and was only with her for a maximum of five minutes. it seems being handed these pills has done more harm to my future than good.

I am not nor have ever been depressed. i know the army will not bend their policy for me, but it's a question of whether the policy applies to me. i know i have the wrong ticks in the wrong boxes thats all. my AFCO advised i gather references from employers past and present, university lecturers etc. to state my character traits, as well as to visit the doctor again. hopefully with all this and an offer to pay an army doc/psych to evaluate me, i might have a case. Having finished University im eager to start my career, as i mentioned, im fit, healthy, and have my wits about me.

Does anybody know any department i could get in touch with to query this?

many thanks in advance
i have the exact same problem as u do i refused to take the tablets becuse i wanted to get in the army so the gp phones an army pyco up and he sed takeing prozac would not effect my chances of getting into the army so i take then and this sataday i get my letter saying ive been defferd for 3 years
The title of this thread made me assume that I had to be happy for the next two years. Glad to see that I don't!

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