Depression but not really depression?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by DietCola, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. I recently completed my medical declaration, and there was a question which asked if you have been 'investigated for' (I think was the phrase) or diagnosed with depression.

    A few months back I went to see my GP as I thought I might have depression, as had been feeling low for a few months due to a relative passing away in a peculiar way, underperformance in my degree, and some relationship issues.

    He asked me a bunch of questions which made it sound like I didn't really have depression, and gave me a self-assessment and workbook. The score on the self-assessment put me far away from having depression, and so I wasn't diagnosed with anything, and really it was probably me taking a 'better safe than sorry' attitude as I tend to with medical things.

    I've certainly never contemplated self-harm, harming others, lashing out or anything like that. The only reason I ticked yes is because I know the visit to the GP will be on my medical records.

    Is this going to be a write-off for joining the TA? I know the role I'm looking at will require DV (which I have held twice previously and prior to the GP visit without any issues) which is another hurdle to explain it.
  2. Requires DV? I had that, the famous Brown Sunmai!
    If you are not depressed now by the time you join the TA and stag on for a few months you wiil then!
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  3. Hah!

    I generally have a very strong mental state. Deal well with long-term events and at crisis point.

    Just don't want them to reject my medical and have to spend time appealing..
  4. The new test is to try to join via the online system. If you can endure that, you aren't depressed.
    Masochist, maybe, but not depressed.
  5. I actually had a problem with the medical form the first time around and had to have it reset. It said my application was submitted but then received an email from the recruitment team asking if I was still interested in joining. Have a particular dislike for online application forms it seems..
  6. Just wait until it's outsourced to India. The gap year student taking your details will probably wind up as the doctor assessing you.

    I believe, though I may be wrong, that putting such things on medical notes requires a strong basis of fact / evidence and if we wrote of every teenager who wears black and crys over Nirvana tracks then the Argentine Navy would be conducting offensive ops from the Isle of Wight. Good luck with your app.
  7. Google PHQ9, this is likely the assessment used. We've no idea what was written in your records.
    Apply giving the truth and see what happens.

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  8. Don't worry about. Disclose everything your DV. They don't care as long as you tell them. Things like depression are on a sliding scale. Everybody is on that scale.

    Better to have a chat with somebody about it than bottle it up and let it get to you later in life. The Army's moved on a long way.
  9. I was most probaly a situational depression, once the emotional stress was over, then u picked back up again, so the GP was prabaly right in what he meant by not having it.
  10. Yeah I found this document just and doubt it will be a problem, but sounds like they might reject my medical given how the question was phrased and the lack of explanation in medical records, but an appeal might go somewhere.

    Cheers guys :)
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