Depression/anxiety issues

Looking for positive stories from women who are ex Services, who may have had to cope with depression, anxiety or even relationship problems as they adjusted to life on civvy street, but have now overcome them.

This will appear in a free magazine aimed at helping female army leavers and will be just one of many articles, including careers advice and tips on general fitness and healthy living, as well as useful contact numbers for veterans' organisations, etc. (There is a similar title for men.)

If you'd like to know more about this article or if you think you might have a suitable story for us, please email us at Dr Foster in strictest confidence.

Bad CO has kindly given us the go-ahead to post on ARRSE.
Sorry, me again. I just wanted to say that if anyone wanted to find out a bit more about the magazine I'm working on, just PM me. It is an official title from the SPVA, very much with veterans' welfare at heart.

Any messages will be treated in strictest confidence at this stage. Admittedly I'm looking for people to tell their story in the magazine, but I can guarantee that nothing will find its way into print without the individual's express permission first!

Karin Mochan
Dr Foster Intelligence

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