Depression and Violent Anger

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bobjugs12, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and gents, I know that i'm probably going to get shot down in flames over this but i really need some SENSIBLE advice.

    After the break up of marriage in July, i went into a reactive clinical depression that resulted in me expressing suicidal thoughts, seeking help from my CofC, padre etc. Up-shot was i was sent to a care home for a couple of weeks. Now i know there is no such thing as a quick fix, but at the moment i'm struggling to control my anger.

    After we broke up, my wife had a one-night stand with an odius little scumbag who's been sniffing around her since they were children. He's been trying to get into her since we split up, and took his chance one night when she was drunk and depressed.

    I know we are apart, and actually it was me who caused the split, but all I want to do is find this fella, and beat him to within an inch of his life. I have so much rage inside me, but i don't where to aim it. If i turn it inward i get really down again, it's not fair to aim it at my wife, i try and work it out in the gym and end up exercising to extremes, if i turned to booze then i don't know where it'd end up.

    The thing is I know this blokes home and mobile number and his home address, the only thing thats stopped me going round already is that i don't want my kids labelled with the stigma of having a dad who's inside, or them having to visit me in prison.

    How do I get rid of this anger?

    Please help.
  2. I find masturbating furiously is a winner. Failing that, purchase a rubiks cube :)
  3. go to a pub you have never been before, and you are never likely to go again, sip a little dutch courage then kick the shit out of the first c@nt that makes even the slightest little gesture of aggrovation.

    silly bit out of the way now.

    what you need to do is get a violent hobby, such as boxing or some form of jackie chan bullsh1t martial arts. it will take up a lot of your time and you will have a punchbag in the ring with you who you can take your anger out on. also on the flipside of the coin if you get your head kicked in on the inside of a ring, there are no grudges and it may make you feel more humility. in between fights you will also be doing a lot of gym work, which is what you are doing already.

    that or you can take up boxercise, you get to beast yourself in training but it also requires a little restraint to maintain your form.

    was this helpful?
  4. Go to the gym. that way if you do twat the ****** you'll win the fight.
  5. You've taken the biggest step - admitting you have a problem. So go and get some help. Sometimes you need outside help - it doesn't mean you've failed. It doesn't matter whether or not it's from the mob (Padre, CoC etc) or outside. Just go and get it. Leaving aside the well meant humour that will no doubt appear, anyone who belittles you for seeking help has never had anything really bad happen to them. I'll spare you the personal stories, because frankly so what. I'm OK now.

    You can get over this, and I'm sure you will. But talk to someone about it. Do it today.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You too huh? Yeah, that and lots of PROPER exercise - not this poncing around in a gym lark for me - get out and swim, cycle, run, tab, climb, kayak, sh@g, that sort of thing.

    Seriously though, if you think there's a chance of you and the missus getting back together, then phone the guy up and warn him off politely. Then try your damnedest to get your missus back.

    If you aren't going to get back together, why get angry about some other scrote?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    And delete all records of his address / mobile etc so that you are not tempted.

  8. I am in no way an expert on the subject, but what your describing could be 'ptsd'. Please see this thread for suggestions.

    you really need to talk with someone about it and do not go near the 'other bloke'.
  9. whilst smudges advice is sound the blisters'd take ages to heal

    buy a punchbag and kick the fcuk out of it instead or take up a full contact sport or martial art

    and what msr said
    delete his details now if not sooner
  10. I'd have thought that what you're experiencing is the normal reaction of a bloke who's wife's done the dirty on him, especially when the other fella made her come like a train and introduced her to ATM.
  11. What an amazing place this is - just when you think someone will have the pi55 ripped out of them a ton of good advice comes flooding in. All of the above is sound advice in the main and you sound switched on enough to realise you have a problem in the making/lurking - get some help and best of luck.
  12. Don't do him or anyone else (Yet)

    you've cracked the care system already, try going back and explaining you have the rage, see what they can do for you. its all interlinked

    If you do him you're missus won't appreciate it

    Never fight over birds, theGimp rule No 1
  13. You need to go see your MO and get referred to your nearest DCMH. They can work with you whether it be a course of medication, councelling or congnitive behavioural therapy. It is very important that you see your MO as you probably should be taken off handling live arms. It is important that you understand that the way your feeling is not uncommon for the sitiuation you're in, you must try not to get frustrated by the way you feel as this will only exaccerbate your troubles. Don't fill in the bloke that tapped your missus it really won't be worth it.
  14. He could always try and get over it by looking at pics of your gink dolly. If he finds them too repulsive he can glance at the ones of your 'shim' mate.
  15. This was my first thought. Completely delete anything you have that holds his details. Then get pounding. Whether it's a punch bag, a pavement, a steep hill, you need something to work out the energy that's caused by your rage.

    Seek help. This might be a hard step, but I reckon it's easier than admitting you've got a problem, which is what you've done already! You're doctor will most likely refer you to counselling, try and approach it with an open, don't knock it til you've tried it etc.

    Good luck, and it sounds to me like you're a pretty sound bloke, so I hope things go well.