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Depression and Other Mental Health Issues

be great. Thankyou. I have advised her to make contact with HR and go from there. But most importantly her GP as previously advised.
Also if she is in a 'bad place' and needs immediate help, take her to A&E.

A&E are now duty bound to get the DUTY TRICKCYCLIST down to see her within the hour (I believe), (but stand your ground. I know its difficult with the COVID 19 and pressures on A&E).

May hold her in A&E for 24 hours until meds have been prescribed, settled down and other support is available.

...I sneezed the other day and shat me self. My Dr is calling me on the 8th Jan so I'm probably going to try something else.

Before you try something else, film the sneeze and subsequent follow through then post the clip on yootoob.

Letting something funny go to waste that would improve the mental well being of others would be a shame.


War Hero
Asking for help in the first step is not being a failure or weak.
I went through the whole stages over a period of years, it never affected my DV or SC.
I'm lucky in as much I have never suffered with mental health problems but am aware of them as folks I know have.
I have a friend who is a Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping patients who have been diagnosed as suffering with cancer. She is not a crackpot who thinks she can cure the disease but she helps the poor souls to cope with the stress and depression that they are also trying to deal with.
I was chatting to her and asked if she had ever had any dealings with serving/ex miltary personel suffering from PTSD etc. She said she never has and admitted it was something that had never crossed her mind.
Question here is, has anyone gone the route of trying hypnotherapy as an aid to helping them cope and if so did it help?


Kit Reviewer
While written about the Bush War and the battle at the Lomba in particular, it obviously covers much more.

For those with problems and difficulty relating them to their nearest, try showing them this, perhaps it might make them think about your reactions.
It might not help so if you think it's kak, ignore it.



General Sir Patrick Saunders spoke about his mental health struggles this week. Hopefully if he can, so can everyone else!



Good stuff its that next ridge line that people are increasingly struggling with right now I believe. As much as I can I try and keep things in the day but for the last few days the monotony is getting to me to be honest.

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