Depression and Duty of Care

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Herodotus, May 30, 2009.

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  1. I need some advice, and legal advice if anyone knows it too.

    I have signed off but was under a 3 month formal warning. Subsequently an application for discharge was made. The whole process of a 3 month formal warning, the application for discharge and a series of events in work and personal life led me to feel suicidal. I was diagnosed as suffering from depression and the application for discharge was put on hold "until fit for duty" was approved.

    Since the situation is causing my ill health to some extent, and for the fact that I'll be out within the year anyway why can't I simply be allowed to run out on my NTT?

    And to that end if I am held in limbo until my run out date anyway, and then leave the Army not feeling any better is there some sort of legal ramification because the Army has not done all it could have done to ensure my well being?
  2. Not really.
    If you leave the Army with these problems still bouncing around, they will not suddenly vanish when you stop wearing green, and you wont have the support network to fall back on. By keeping you in, they will hang onto you until you are 'well' thus being able to release you into civvy stasse clean and happy.
    If you are unwell, go speak to your MO, there is no shame in it, and they will start you on the road to getting the help you need before you have to try and do it on your own.
  3. They'll keep you in until they know you are feeling a bit better. It is duty of care.

    I don't understand your arguement. You say you are depressed because you are being discharged, but apparently this wouldn't bother you if you are allowed to run to the full NTT Term?

    Either way the end game is the same... you are out of the Army. Which is what you seem to want.

    Re signing off, whilst on a 3 month bender.... what did you think would happen? You are already being assessed for possible early termination, why would signing off make them think you are worth keeping for 9+ months longer?
  4. To be fair I think you've read my situation wrong. I am intending to get better, but since if I get better I face a discharge early it's not giving me much incentive to do so.

    I signed off on the advice of my OC, but that has just made the situation worse giving the appearence of me not giving a toss, which I actually do!
  5. More than likely none whatsoever. Are you clinically diagnosed as suffering from depression or simply just fed up? Even if you are in the fomer category, can you prove this was caused by the Army's failure to provide a duty of care? Can you even identify what duty the Army owed you, where they failed in that duty and ultimately, where that failure caused your 'depression'?

    Given that you have only yourself to blame for your 3 month warning order and your subsequent, dare I say 'teddy in the corner' decision to sign off (you were under no obligation to follow any advice given with respect to this matter), where exactly to you aportion blame to your employer for your current melancholic (spell check) state?

    Sounds like you've made a mistake and rather than trying to rectify it yourself, you are looking for a scapegoat. Perhaps your release from the tax-payers purse-strings is a good thing.

    I hated having to work with c*nts like you.
  6. I'm so very glad there's people on this site happy to give thoughtful and helpful advice...
  7. What's up diddums? Not get the answer you wanted? What a shame eh? Now f*ck off and sort your admin out. Waster.

  8. :oops: blimey im a newbie (wifey) joined on here to try to get some advice for hubs as docs not doing much to help someone who HAS tried to kill himself (ptsd) dont the army have a duty of care to help him? he has begged his doctor to send him somewhere for help but they say he is only given one shot! surely this cant be right?
  9. Mate,
    How can you expect to get any here ? I second the phrase 'I hated working with c*nts like you', simples, the amount of time someone with personal issues takes up is shocking, history shows that you if you keep helping the problem children to climb up the help tree the more problems will materialise, get a grip, work toward discharge, start career again. Bet your still out on the p*ss every weekend arent you ? Bet you still race round Friday mornings on areas grinning away like the rest of them before hitting the M1?
  10. Herodotus,

    If your CO gave you duff advice what makes you think that advice given by a bunch of random imaginary internet hardmen will be any better?

    In fact, forget my last question. Go back and speak to your CofC, it's the only way you'll achieve anything in this case. Good luck, but don't hold your breath.

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  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What a loss to the RAMC are Biscuits_AB, reni77 and skintboymike. You would have made great RMNS.

    No doubt had you been serving in 1914-18 you would have first to volunteer for the firing squad for soldiers charged with cowardice whilst serving as batmen to the officers who had 'shell shock' not cowardice so could go to nice recuperation homes in Blighty..

    There are times and places to be witty and sarcy. This ain't it.

    Thank feck I did not have to serve with any of you as obviously you are only interested in yourselves and feck anyone else. No wonder Biccies left as such a well loved (not) and respected (not) person of his Corps - all of this information gleaned from his own admissions over the years.

    Once again the 3 of you have shown what tossers tou are.

    Feel free to get stuck in to me as I don't give 2 fucks whct you think.
  12. As someone who suffers from depression (diagnosed), I can honestly say you are the epitome of the cockjockeys who think they are the dogs bollocks and can berate people.

  13. My post reflected those that carry 'admin' round on camp and drain the troop resources due to all that comes with it.
    Like the c*nt that gets dicked for waiting on, or spammed for stag then suddenly remembers their world is caving in around them back home.
    Why should a troop commander/senior spend half a Monday morning dealing with a c*nt who's problems centre around his Mum and Dad splitting up/his rising debt due to incompetance/his whinging because he made the wrong choice of regiment-role ect ? Its for the 'adult soldier' to work through and liasion should take place between relevant sub units. Do you think Arthur Spinningbottom who works in Wakely Clog Factory gets the afternoon off cos he feels 'stressed'? B*llocks, its a job, and should be treated as such.
    If all else fails and the c*nts are still down town on a Saturday night and grinning like a loon on Friday 'knock off',
    f*ck them off and close the door.

    Personal issues based on deployment ? Effects of trauma ? Severe depression due to service/accident/incident ? Seen it and been involved in it all and id spend every hour I had with those mates again if need be, not some whinging fem who woke up one day and realised it all wasnt for him.
  14. What the fcuk has it got to do with you? Are you my counsellor?

    Yes I have been treated. For the past 11 years TVM.

    Fcuking people need to wake up to what depressive illness is, instead of branding us wasters, mongs and the like.