Depression and discharge?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by noob9999, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. I may or may not get some stick for this but i thought i might get some responses from experience perhaps?

    I'm currently feeling extremely down and hate being in the army, i hate getting up every morning for a job i hate and i can't sleep properly at night, i don't do anything anymore and basically just don't enjoy life!

    I feel like there's nothing i can do but i would do anything to be out of here and feel better.

    I've spoke to my doctor and i have an appointment to see the psychiatric nurse but not sure how much she can do? Is depression a reason for discharge and how likely is this? I don't want to waste peoples time and money and just want out.

    I await the insults of man up and get on with etc but this just isn't for me anymore.
  2. I do believe it's possible to be MD'd with depression but it might only be in extreme cases, you might not want to hear it but maybe the best thing to do will be to put your notice in and spend the next year getting ready for civvie street with the most positive attitude possible. You could always chat with the chain of command and see what they think too, I'm sure i've read that leaving quicker than the notice period is possible in extreme cases.
  3. To be honest the Army has a duty of care, it will hardly put you back on the street if you could be a burden to society and medical facilities.

    I would guess that if you have completed your return of service, the Army would treat you and maybe recommend discharge. The Army is very ridged about not giving return of service unless a high recommend from medical experts.

    One thing to remember is there are lots of soldier that have experienced the worst atrocities that a human should witness, they require all the help they can get and rightly so.

    I just feel that because you just don't like the Army, made a bad choice in life, it isn't as stronger case as battle scarred troops...I am not suggesting you don't need help, I wish you the best in your treatment.

    This will not be a fast track exit from the services in my experience.
  4. Don't know how long you've been in for, or even whether they have this categorisation in the Army, but the RN has Discharge for Temperamental Unsuitability. This isn't used for those with depression as that would be a medical discharge. Essentially you have to convince your boss that a) you're never likely to be able to remedy your problems, which stem for a basic incompatibility with the unique demands of service life (i.e. Living in close proximity with others etc) b) you are cack at your job because of the way you feel and it is in the Service's (not your own) best interests to get rid of you.

    What I wouldn't do is be in any rush to get yourself diagnosed with some mental disorder, including depression. It might make any future jobs requiring medical checks a bit tricky and you won't shake it off in a hurry. That is unless you genuinely believe yourself to have depression - not just that you dislike your current job quite a lot.
  5. If it's not for you it's not for you.

    That will remain a problem with the old and bold forever, they seem to think that an adolescents signature on a piece of paper should be enough to tie them into 12 years of misery in a job they hate, with people they dont enjoy being around and having to undertake a lifestyle that they have no say on.

    Although I bet you'd ******* cheer right up pronto if you were palmed off to a cadet training team for a couple of years wouldnt you?
  6. All I can add is that life can get better and there will be a time when you don't feel shit

    Did you feel that way about the service prior to this spell, chicken or egg?
    which came first

    Get all the help you can, don't bin off what could be a promising career you maybe once enjoyed until you have lifted the fog, then sort out your decision
  7. Gimp

    You said in a few words what took me four paragraphs!

    I'm impressed!
  8. Hi noob9999,

    Depression can be a reason for discharge - however this is a lengthy process as they'll try to "fix" you first. The CPNs are really good and will be able to help you see the light.

    There is a process called "temperamentily unsuitable" which is where the pyschs recommend you as being mentally unsuited to Service life and you are then given a discharge but again this is not quick.

    PM me for further details if needed.
  9. Noob,

    TU is usually only if you are under the age of twenty one and served less than three years. With help from the MHN, your depression should resolve. Don't be too hasty in making a decision about your future. It will pass.
  10. i am under 21 and have served less then 3 years, 2 this june to be precise and currently still in training? am i suitable for TU Discharge and what does this actually involve?

  11. Good luck with your ticket
  12. what is PM? new to this?
  13. PM is sending a personal message with more details.
  14. Hello mate - don't be in a rush . . . help in civvy street isn't brilliant either. The NHS has waiting lists and they'll plonk you on drugs. The job scene at the mo' is diabolical. Stay where you are and get help, as above there are good days and bad days.

    Good luck :)
  15. I understand everyone saying to stay in but this is not a snap decision, i am extremely unhappy here and want out.