Depression and defferral

Hi was told this was the best place to post. I have two questions really.

1st, I recieved a letter from the SMO at Pirbright, my application for regulars has been defferred until 2009 on the grounds that he is concerned about 'my fairly recent episode of low mood and emotional instability that accompanies such a low mood' I had an episode of depression in June 07, I was and still am my grandfathers carer, he was saying to me that he would like / prefer to take his life than live in constant pain. So I saw my Gp saying that I felt depressed and was having thoughts about death, this was because I was worried that I would turn up one day and find him dead. So I reffered to a mental health nurse, he said I was not depressed, I was never prescribed any medication / anti depressants by Gp. I am trying to get a statement from the mental health nurse that states that the thoughts of death were in relation to me being concerned and worried about my grandfather. If I get this infomation would that help me in regard to appealing the decision of my defferral?

2nd, Would someone with pectus carinatum (pigeon chest) be barred from entry into the Army?

Thanks for any help.
Talk to your GP explain the position, ask for a letter to further explain the situation. (Take the SMO letter with you)

Whether it helps or not I don't know, but it can't harm to give it ago

Pigeon chested? No Idea but my lot were bronzed adonis every last man of em

Worst case scenario is you still get defered but 2009 is only next year

Keep at it
thanks for the help, saw my med notes today at my Gp's I checked them over and they have misrecorded some infomation. I am seeing a regular Gp at my surgery next week, he should rectify the mistakes, I am going to ask him if I can be reffered to get a emotional/psychological condition report done. My plan is once that is done go back to the Gp and get him to write a letter stating the mistakes that are on my med records and what the true facts are, send a copy of psych report and ask him to give his opinion in a statement then send off with an appeal letter

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