Depot & Trg Regt (Buller Bks) Basic Trg memories good or bad

There must be a shed full of memories, good or bad.

Come on all you 'Old & Bold' Trogs.

A famous Reg haircut circa 1980's.
Cleaning the cell ceilings in the Guardroom with a hand-held bumper. (Or at least attempting to!!).
Sneaking into the W.R.A.C. accomodation block.
Falling asleep on the main gate whilst on Guard Duty.
Getting a hiding in your bed by a drunkern Trg Cpl.
Watching your muckers blood splat whilst milling.
Picking up your beloved munchkin from the munchkin farm at Crowborough.

& not necessarily in that order!!

Ooooh memories...........looking back, nearly all were GOOD, not many bad at all. :twisted:

Any more?
Cockroaches in the kitchen. One even had the audacity to appear in my rice pudding. Luckily I only stayed there for a few weeks as a stop gap between Colerne and Leconfield. Buller was a shithole then and it's still a shithole now.
Must agree with Baggy, I was only there for 6 days (3 days prior to ASMT and 3 prior to AMF(L)). How ever apart from stagging on and being forced to give blood it doesn't strike many fond memories. I slept in what is now 8 Sqn's block, as apart of Holding Tp. Top accommodation!

The one memory that stands out, was being able to walk out by Buller Mess, through CMH and into town. Bit of a change from now.
Oh thr memories of holding troop spent a bit of time there waiting on my transfer to RE what a doss hole! getting chased through the female accom on the top floor by the Provo staff racing cockroaches in the corridor . fighting to look in the window of the rest room when the new WRAC's got posted in from Guilford. Laughing our heads off as the postings were read out and one lad got told he was off to BAOR he was really pleased thinking he was going to Germany until someone informed him that BAOR= British Army over the Road 27 reg his face dropped and fell even more when he was told the record for clearing camp and getting to 27 regt was 40mins and he'd better beat it :twisted:
I spent a total of 9 days there including my 1 week TSMT (Trained Soldier Mandatory Training), where you had to pass all of your ATD's before you were posted to a working unit, ensuring that the end customer got a working product. Something they should re-introduce at Deepcut I think. As an ex-brat I hated the place as it was to small to hide and there was no way that you could bimble anywhere as the training staff had all arcs of fire covered. I remeber at the end of my TSMT the RSM (Blom****t) gave everyone show parade that evening (friday) so no-one could go on leave until saturday morning. I also remeber sleeping on bare springs that night wrapped up in a borrowed blanket before running down to Aldershot station at 6am to get the first train to Waterloo.
I done my 10 weeks Basic there (Mar-June 92 RCT!) Scarred for life! First memory was of Roger Cass (SSM) jailing me on day one while I was still in my De-mob suit beacuse I called him a Corporal! It was the only rank I'd Learnt before signing up!
The next 9 1/2 weeks were spent running around that bloody roundabout with every piece of furniture in the inventory, happy days, how we all cried!
POC Troop...... so no.... not very good memories at all!!

Why did they have to have brass water pipes? Gallons of Brasso must have been wasted on those.

I also remember the steep sandhill on the other side of Buller.... makes me shiver just thinking about it :(

Went from Jnrs to there 8 of us crammed into a room with a locker each and MFO boxes thankfully no fire hate to see what damage that would have done :cry:. Used to see a few lads mong bait at the W/E would wait till the mongs were bimbling to/from the cookhouse on a Sat/Sun as they thought no PS were around lads would shout from the holding troop windows to start marching and double away. Speedy there were places to hide. under the bed when troop staff came round looking for bogy jobs or thanks to the "doors" between the rooms you could side into another room after they had been in yours in case they came back .....a skill that was perfected quite well :p .
Moon did you ever visit the Guardroom and experience the "elephant march" :wink:
No Bret can't remember that one, I do remember doing the Grand national in the guardroom up and down the metal beds in my Mong suit!, So it was you little F*ckers that made me and my mates run on a Sat/Sun! Lol :twisted:
Moon_Monkey_Spunk said:
No Bret can't remember that one, I do remember doing the Grand national in the guardroom up and down the metal beds in my Mong suit!, So it was you little F*ckers that made me and my mates run on a Sat/Sun! Lol :twisted:
Yeah it was us :twisted: Elephant march was were you had to place one arm through your lags and grab the mans arm behind you once all linked up and bent over you had to start marching then the "elephant" would see a mouse and have to jump as high as it could.

I can remember some mongs taking the piss out of us doing a fire cart drill soon wiped the smile off their face as we turned the hose on them through the window :D
Done my basic there, what fun watching my first attempt at a bed block fall from a window on the top floor, and that was my first day there. Got ragged all over for the next few weeks. Whilst in basic managed to sneak out a few times and go down town for a couple of beers using the fence behind camp that led out to CMH. Whilst in holding troop waiting for a posting we found that getting into your locker was the way to avoid getting jiffed for boggy jobs.
Remember lying on a bed in the guardroom looking up at the ceiling, waiting fot the brown slime to drip off the ceiling on to me or my pit. It was disgusting thank god for no smoking in guardrooms nowadays. I still cringe at the thought of it fifteen years later.
I can remeber doing stag there 2 on 2 off and having to escort SUS ect on your time off not allowed to have the beds down till after 18:00 hrs. You always seemed to be woken up and told 20 mins to early and the ones comming off were always 10 mins late :x . However the gaurd that normally cost you a few packs of fags to the RP's was a good one out of camp and see the WRAC's stagging on at duchess of bent Bks then round to CMH for a letch. The one thing that I always wanted to do but never had the bottle was to leave a big turd right in the middle of the parade square as it would have stood out big time :wink:
I left a turd on the parade square once, left him doing press ups, cos he was a right little sh*t!
was ther in May '88 'doing my basis training and remember change parades from the top floor paradeing near the roundabout then after 30 mins change parades 'right you little fcukers locker inspection in 20 min' bulled boots finding themselfs sailing out of the top floor and crashing onto the floor belolw to the sound of sobing recruits,buffing the corridors with that sh*tty orange wax and the floor buffers, the pay parades that went on for hours cause no-one could remember there number, every young recruit dreaming over our troop OC Lt Harold WRAC, getting beasted around on the log runs by the PTI's,lessons at 27 Regt and getting boll**ed for looking at 'real soldiers'(was one of the real soldiers once my posting came through everyone took the p*ss but was a good posting) proper BFT's and CFT's, juniors coming from Colerne thinking they were hardened war veterans( TW**TS)Cpl Cameron doing drill(what a good bloke) Cpl Martin and Cpl williams doing SAA , the big RSM Blomqist and the big RCT bade on the naafi, all i all very good memories. I hear 27 regt live there now, better than living on Montgomery Lines with the knucklehead para's
wood_gnome said:
Jase2472 as an ex junior I can confirm we were more hardened than the the 10 week wonders
Hear hear
can remember being told that the TV room in the Naffi had been shut by the RSM after a rangers/celtic game got out of hand beer bottles stuck in walls ect 61 sqn was ace full of west coast jocks like myself.
Anyone remember "Wee Stevie" got sent back from 3 ADTR as a split ring went off and ended up in his skull? was always pished and was weekly cashed paid as he had some debt was always borrowing a "wee fiver" off you only to pay you back from his £40 a week allowance then borrow said £5 off you again a few days later! :)
Fantastic place - got sent there on punishment for a crime i DID COMMIT, booted out of 44 Sqn Sandhurst.

Year 1985,

Depot RSM - 'You are a ****** - the only job ive got for you is bedding storeman, waiter or RP!

Being an Ex Junior - RPs were Gods, I loved beasting POC troop, got my JMQC (Jailed and beasted every day - less exercise) got an STD from the WRAC block (almost like getting a tour gong now) and managed to leave a shiny roof in the guardroom - yes i made people bumper the roof!!!!

RP Cpls

Jock Geddes - Ex Para, funny guy.
Jock Murray - Ex Argyles - Story teller.

Provost Sgt

'Porky' Swithenbank - absolute nasty bastard and gleaming guy!!! What a Provo should be!!!

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