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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jase2472, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. when i was in the regs one of my posting was in Aldershot, now that the paras are at Colly, what is depot para now?
  2. All infanteers go through the CiC (Combat Infantrymans Course) at Catterick. 24 weeks vanilla, plus 2 weeks for gaurds/paras.

    Capbadges are broken down to the respective divisions and placed in Training companys.

    Depots went out awhile back.
  3. yes buddy i know but can you tell me what has happened to the actual place is it still there or has this brilliant government :evil: sold it off(w4nkers)
  4. Good question, well presented.

    Any airborne warrior types no the answer? Its probably been taken over by illegal immigrants...
  5. Last time I was there it was inhabited by medics, although the Dakota was still there and the Airborne Forces museum.
  6. GB is correct.
  7. Depot (as was) will be sold off to developers I've heard, Monty Lines is full of "ha...Sorry Dog Monkey, other units" :frustrated:
  8. Depot Para- Browning Barracks, Montgomery Lines Aldershot....its still as it always has been,ie the museum is still open and hasnt really changed since I last went there about 10 years agoand i was there last month.
    They have been talking of moving it for many years, the next place will be Duxford.
    Its now home to Medics and Logistics.
  9. Yep spot on
  10. Browning Bks is now occupied by a medical regiment and a signals unit, However that will noy stay that way for long as Aspire have bought it along with monty lines which is now condemned and will be leveling it all to then re-develope it.