Discussion in 'RLC' started by GeordieHussar, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. There must be someone here who can give me a bit of info on Depot 90 in Sennelager. I have been here just over two years now and am still finding odd things in the woods.
  2. Never been there. What sort of odd things have you found then?
  3. GH,

    I can probably put you in touch with someone, but if you can guess where I work DOH! I'd be careful in them woods if I were you. :)
    We unearthed old live antipersonnel mines not too far away just a few months ago ! 8O

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  4. I spent 3 years in Antwerp Barracks just over the road when it was an RCT Tank Transporter unit. I do know Depot 90 was an old WWII German ammunition depot and there are (were?) many sealed up bunkers from those times. Apparently the allies didn't know it was there when they overran the place due to the Germand growing trees on top of (and on the sides) the bunkers so that they all had an even canopy and it looked like established woodland from the air.
  5. GH

    A few years back (2002?) a consultant's report was produced over the feasibility of using the site for a new barracks. I think the Report will still be held by the G4 Estates people in that large building not too far from you. Ask to see it - some of the information uncovered was quite fascinating. Errr... and I'm quite sure that some of the scarier findings meant that it would be well high impossible to site any form of inhabitation there!
  6. I had a stint guarding the Depot years ago and there were all sorts of bunkers cordoned off from the War. Loads of rumours about what was there including chemical stuff but i think it was mainly unstable ammo that the allies couldnt be bothered, or brave enough, to dispose of. So it was a case of "Keep Out"
  7. It was an old ammunition depot used by the Germans in the WW2. The British took the place over and used it as a sub-depot up until its closure in 1996. Several explosive items have been found there, both in the woods, and in (relatively) recently discovered underground ammunition bunkers.

    Anything you find, you can reasonably assume will be a live store and may be dangerous.
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Stay out of the woods and stick to the roads!

    I remember finding "things" in the woods back the early nineties. Plus of course the fork lift in the lake and stories of prisoner burial sites.
  9. The areas that were cordened off were due to the russian POWs at the end of the war taking it on themselves to try and blow a couple of the ESHs up. These atempts were semi successful in that they destroyed a couple of the bunkers but distributed their contents and made them unstable. Hence the distributed 'interesting items' and it being easier to cordon off rather than 'clear'.

    What is slightly worrying is that the area is now being used as an 'urban' training area and the cordoned off areas are being ignored as they give some of the best locations for ambushes and cover.

    People seem to forget very quickly and when I mentioned the folly of using some of the areas in Depot 90 I was looked at as if I was an idiot and I was told I knew f**k all and to shut up. And hey, what do I know?
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  10. Thanks for the replies guys, I already know a lot of what you have said about the Depot. The things in the woods are the old railway sidings and the buildings that used to be there but have now been dropped onto themselves. I have a copy in my office of the survey that was carried out and it does make interesting reading but I still think that there is more about the site that isnt being told. I know all about the imploded bunkers and what is in them and they are out of bounds to everyone for their own safety. I have tried to find info on the site on the net but found nothing which suprises me so am trying to find out more via you guys who worked in the place over the years. Hope you can help me.
  11. GH,

    I'm in the office until 1000hrs, you have my number on your PMs, if you decide to ring me I'm sure that some of the numbers I can give you might help. I know you understand about the ammunition dangers, I believe my contacts may know some of the history aspects that I believe you are looking for.

    RG :)
  12. I heard about that Hyster thing as well when i was doing my JCB course there. Funnily enough the cross-country bit of it was around the Depot area.
  13. Isnt there supposed to be a german tank tiger? still in a lake around there

    If you find anything interesting post it up so we can all have a gander :D
  14. Cheers Range_Gopher I think I will leave it until the new year as we are trying to close this place down at the moment for the XMAS break. Have a great Cristmas and New year.
  15. I will keep you all informed about anything I find out about this place.