Deported paedophile returns to UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DozyBint, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC

    I can understand the Aussies deporting this creature, but the knowledge that...

    ...doesn't fill me with any confidence that he will be prevented from re-offending, bearing in mind the failed attempts to keep ‘home grown’ known and previously convicted sex predators from re-offending on their release. Excell has committed and been convicted of a further paedophiliac offence upon each of his 3 releases from prison. It seems strange that the state of Western Australia once considered him such a danger that they vowed never to release him, but now are doing so on what appear to be compassionate grounds because of his ill health.

    Why should a four-times convicted child-sex attacker be given compassionate leave to live out the rest of their life in freedom when they've done irreparable damage to so many children and their families. The state of Western Australia is content to release him, despite rating his chances of re-offending as "low to moderate", but that is far too high a risk IMHO. I'm also uncomfortable with the politics behind the decision as the Australians knew that upon his release they would deport him from their shores, but (and I know someone will put me right on this if I've got it wrong) the fact that they've released him means that we can't lock him up unless he's caught offending here. I think that this decision stinks as it feels like the Australians have washed their hands of a problem and won't have to deal with the repercussions if he does re-offend. :evil:
  2. Two bricks.

    He touches down at LHR to be met by a medic with two bricks, taken to a toilet and then said bricks are applied between the legs.

    That will stop the sh1t kiddie fiddling

  3. Have just read the rest of the Beeb's report, most notably the bit about him committing another such offence on each of the three occasions he was paroled. Particularly like the bit about this being delayed from March because he got accused of rape whilst in jail and that was beng investigated at the time. I can understand the Aussies wanting him out (and the historical irony of them deporting a crook to us surely can't have escaped the popular press)...but are we obliged to take the guy, are we obliged to free him, given that he's going to be obliged to sign the offender's register and if there is a way we can keep him locked up, is there a way to bill the Aussies for the cost of it?

    I can't wait to see what the Sun and the Mail will make of this.
  4. He should be welcomed with open arms. The man is either mentally unstable, or misunderstood. He should be offered the maximum support our health service can provide, plus legal protection from those who would wish harm upon him. I place total & utter faith in the system. Alternatively, the cnut should be shot.
  5. He'll end up in the hands of "social services" who will turn a blind eye to his paedophile intentions and then try to smear the victims (Margaret Hodge style) when they complain of incompetence.
  6. There is a traditionally warm welcome for this sort of chap in Paulsgrove (Portsmouth), send him here. There hasn't been a riot for ages
  7. its block leave so send him to paulsgrove i know someone who really enjoyed the last riot so much he invited a rel down from scotland to join in .Gives the kids something better to do than playstation .
  8. Hang the f*cker by his balls and let the people he assaulted take it in turns with baseball bats - 10 minutes each until he's dead, as many goes as it takes.

    They should all be put down.
  9. Yes well its all part of The Hon Jim McGinty's political agenda. Clear the child molesters out, very popular move. Take heed - this particular child molester is a nasty bit of work and despite his age and medical condition he is STILL a danger to kids. He refused to take part in any rehab course while inside. (not that these work) We are happy to repatriate this barsteward but be warned - he is still a threat.
  10. Once you lot have finished with him in Paulsgrove send him down to Stamshaw, or I'll come and get him for you, save the fare...
  11. Put him down. We put dogs down for less.

    I'm sure cherie could think of a reason how this would affect his human rights, but then her children are well protected aren't they?