Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Group_Captain_Mandrake, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Unfortunatly being the white wife of a serving member of the British Forces puts one in a bad light with the PC gaurdianistes who infest the relevant departments that deal with immigration.

    Now if they were dealing with an illegal immigrant claiming welfare and involved with terrorism,it would be completely different.
  2. So, yet another example of why we need to get this government out at the next election......
  3. Absolutely disgraceful. You'd think that someone somewhere would have a bit of common sense. The Home Office in yet another example of its gross stupidity says, this ruling is in lace to protect the security of this country". Surely someone can see that Mrs Crozier doesn't present a threat to this country's security and that although these rules are in place for a reason genuine compassionate cases such as this could be considered on their merits.
  4. that wouldn't change the immiggration procedures. This is obviously insane - army spouses should have different rules so new procedures for them are called for. It must have happened before so maybe this is just one where Home Office hadn't told the Croziers what they needed to do in time for them to do it. In which case waive the procedure in this instance and let her stay for heaven's sake
  5. There are rules that apply for commonwealth soldiers to bring their families over and they and their spouses come under the 'umbrella' of the forces and are not to be deported as they are a serving soldier. During the time that the families are in the UK, extensions to their visas must be applied for at regular intervals ( not sure if it's 6 months, a year etc) up until a period of ( I think) 4 years when they can apply for citizenship.

    However, not sure what rules apply for a British soldier bringing his Canadian wife over to the UK. I find it strange that someone in their unit did not know of their situation and informed their welfare office to make sure that they were following the rules and advice properly. All it takes is a phone call to the AWS.
  6. I think I'd use marriage to a Canadian national as a VERY big incentive to go and live in Canada. Fcuk the UK! I am outraged!

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  7. Now if only she could be the wife of a professional footballer who arrived here illegally all would be OK.
    As Buck F says Why would either of them want to say now in this Godforsaken country.
  8. Scandalous!!!!
  9. get a tent cut an eye slit in and claim to want to kill prince harry and all infidels :twisted:
    sorted 20k tax free and a council house :evil:

    time to get out the motivational stick.
    immigration rules army wife no problems

    old bloke with VC after his name step right this way SIR anything else we can do for you sir.

    don't speak english don't have a job to go to do one :roll:

    not exactly difficult

    This shower od sh1te could not organsise a Pee Up in a bewrey!

    Where are all those who are illigal, who came into this United Kingdom ILLIGALLY and therefore by definition are ILLIGAL, that's right THEY have lost them, or have chesen to loose them!

    When the system says they are illigal and put them into the centre's all over the UK, it should be up to 72 hours and fly these fcukers home!

    Those like Sam and a woman who is American living in or near Hull, who cares for her aging mother, are EASY targets, they have registered, they are known by this decraped system that the Home Office with all their no so Civil Servants, so it's easy to SAY they are doing something about Illigals. In reality, "Do we really know who is here and why"? NO!!
  11. I had the same problem last year as my wife is American,
    We rang immigration to find out some info on what we needed to do to get her right to remain Visa and was informed that if she did not leave when her Visa ran out she would be, AND I QUOTE, Be arrested and returned to her country of Origin and as my son has an American passport he would be taken into care.
    750 Quid for a right to remain Visa now gives her indefinate right to remain in the UK.
    The whole system is a shambles at best.
    You can only apply for a Right to remain Visa in the last six months of your temporary Visa, and then they tell you you need 26 pieces of Proof spanning two years. Ridiculous!
  12. "The government says the rules exist to prevent the immigration system from abuse."

    Biggest joke in the whole fcuking thing.

    Best thing, the Army sends him back to Germany or other foreign post (if he is amenable to that). So she can start the process.

    They should have sorted this out prior to the move back from Germany, but we can't reinvent the wheel. The Immigration service on the other hand can allow a spark of common sense to ignite, and realise that seeing as they have allowed terrorists to settle and receive benefits, not to mention allowing masses of illegal immigrants in to the country, they could sort this little matter out quickly and graciously.

    At the end of his 22, or service, go to Canada and leave the god foresaken carcass of Britania to the jackels and rats that infest our fine country (that would include the Immigration fools).
  13. The rules governing 'crown servants' do indeed allow for spouses to apply for citizenship while living abroad with their partners rather than waiting until returning to uk.