Deportation of Jihadis.

According to what I have heard on the news, both the Italians and the French, yes, the French, have given the old heave-ho to a slack handful each of extremist clerics preaching "Jihad". What I would really like to know is, if a couple of nations that we tend to think are "Not quite as good as us", can get their arrses into gear and take some meaningful action against those that espouse violence and death, then W.T.F. is our so-called government doing about them?
What they are doing, however, is deporting a blind Iranian, his equally blind wife and their daughter - the family just happen to be Christians, so you can bet that the Ayatollahs and other assorted looneys are really going to roll out the red capet for these folk!

Nice one, to$$er! You really make us proud of you.
I believe our American cousins refer to a decision like deportation of jihadis as a "no-brainer". This clearly explains why Bliar and Chuckles the Clown (the only man in government who takes less appropriate holiday than TCH by the way) are struggling with it...
that David davis is talkng sense, i know politician are a bunch of tossers, only some are worse than others and David Davis is actually saying what we all want to hear, just a question of him willing to carry it out, once in power assuming he wins the leadership election.

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