Deportation after serving a prison sentence.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Yes

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  3. Review each case individually

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  4. Only for specific offences

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    Anyone who comes to the UK and commits a criminal offence that results in them being jailed should be deported on completion of their sentence! If you can't abide by the rules then tough.

    I'm sure that further guidelines will result in an increase of reasons to allow the individual to remain.
  2. Each case should be reviewed on its own merits.

    The application for Work Permit (renewal), LLR an ILR all ask whether you have been convicted of any offence.

    If you are illigal or not a resident (i.e. on a permit of some form) you should be deported as part of the punishment, you in theory have no reason to remain in this country on your release.
  3. I agree with Jailor, but think it should be made very clear that a dim view will be taken of any criminal conviction; in other words, there should be a very good reason why an individual should not be deported at the end of their sentence.

    No appeal on the grounds of it splitting up a family - this is something to consider before committing crime. Naturally, family should be given the opportunity of accompanying the criminal when he/she is deported. Similarly, whining that the individual left his or her country of origin because the regime was less than friendly must fall upon deaf ears.

    Assets should be seized if the criminal has previously relied upon State aid prior to being sentenced; any balance left after repayment of benefits/healthcare/education costs can be returned.
  4. Maybe the review judges should recall the case of Adolf Hitler,he should have been deported back to Austria, after serving only a small part of his original sentence in Landsberg jail after starting an uprising in Münich.

    Whoops?........................I wont bore you with the rest of the story :roll:
  5. V-B. The balance has to be found, some one getting a week for contempt of court is not the same as someone doing 5 years for Robbery or GBH.

    What about F&C sooliders who do time in Colley?

    Only if it also applied all the British Chav scum as well!
  6. People who have been found guilty should be deported back to there own country to serve there sentence .Why should the people in the UK (tax payers) etc have to pay to give them the best care they can receive. Money can be spent on other important things in our country.
  7. Can we have a poll option for deporting ALL prisoners? Don't know how may you can get in the back of a Herc at a time but surely it would be cheaper to fly them all one-way to Afghanistan or somewhere. Not as if it's inhumane, after all it did Australia no harm. In 100 years time, Afghanistan too could be full of slightly uncultured but generally very agreeable tanned beer 'n' barbie loving Anglo-Saxon types. It's a project isn't it. Think I'm on to something.
  8. Review each case individually,
  9. Yes - reason is simple.

    Being convicted of a crime - to me - is a clear cut indicator that the convicted criminal has no desire to integrate in thier new chosen host nation (unless they chose to live in Liverpool ;-) )

  10. Family in £600,000 fraud will not be deported

    "A family of illegal immigrants has been convicted in connection with a £600,000 asylum benefits fraud, but none of them will face deportation. Instead, it has emerged that the jailed ringleader behind the fraud, Mohammed Faruq, 56, who is a British citizen believed be to worth up to £25 million, will simply be allowed to pay back the money taken. Eleven members of his extended family, who came from Pakistan and were convicted of involvement in a series of Crown Court cases, can remain in Britain. Faruq is a well-known member of the community in east Oxford. Relatives of his arrived in Britain in two separate groups during 2000 and 2001. After spending just days in the country, they approached immigration authorities, saying they were either from the disputed territory of Kashmir or Afghanistan. Last year, Faruq pleaded guilty to conspiracy to help relatives to gain asylum by deception, and conspiracy to defraud councils and agencies. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment. His wife Sheila Faruq, 54, daughter Halima Kamal, 26, and brother Abdul Qayyum, 45, were convicted of helping people to gain asylum by deception. Reports of their sentences, however, were restricted until last week when the remaining defendants pleaded guilty to immigration charges. All received jail terms, some of which were suspended. "

    Will this deter others doing the same?
  11. Like everything in life, it is not a case of black and white (no racial conotations meant).

    You simply cannot deport all foreigners convicted of a crime. What happens if someone is involved in a scrap with a gang of youths intent on inflicting injury, and in self defence the foreigner fights back, only for one of his assailants to die (say he fell and hit his head?) He is convicted of assault, GBH, Manslaughter, you name it. Should they be automatically deported? I don't think so, and i'm sure others don't.

    Each case must be judged on an individual basis.
  12. All foreigners who commit any crime in the UK to be automatically deported together with all members of their extended family. Any assets to be seized and used as a fund to cover all expenses so these do not fall on the British tax payer.
    Commit crime , caught , charged tried and deported no wasting time .Don't like it ... quite easy ... don't commit crime .
  13. Where to? If Mrs ever committed a crime (including a motoring offence) am I and our son also deported? I'm not sure that RPOD/RILOR covers flights from Boston, MA!
  14. Automatic Deportation for certain crimes, unless there are good and valid reasons for that person to stay. not that i can think of any right now.
  15. ALL foregin criminals should be deported irrespective of any conditions in their home countries. Lets call it an added incentive for them to abide by OUR laws shall we? Of course if you are happy to carry on importing terrorist, murderers rapists, paedos etc then don't be suprised when your mother, wife, daughter etc becomes a victim.

    As for this:

    Killed by Political Correctness.