Deport all "Islamists" out of Europe to Saudi Arabia


European countries need to also tighten the ideology some people bring over that could cause a stir.

Nazi Nick I am sure was refused visa to visit Britain on the grounds that he was a fanatic far right Nazi, but those rules should also apply to the religous kind too.

We need to break the logistics of far right Islamist booklets,audiotapes,videos coming in from Saudi Arabia, so these Islamists dont have a hand in raising funds to be used to topple/cause public disorder in other peoples countries while abusing the liberities in the West.

Flag upside down!, maybe he,s indicating distress.
Yeah, mental distress. Pashtun National/Afghan Kandak, is a mentally disturbed fucking prick.
stirfried chicken an' mushroom in lemongrass sauce on noodles.......yum.

dont deport the chinks.
I'm having a chilli tonight.
I've got a cold & could murder a chilli, proper comfort food; the food provided out here in Kabul is shit.

I sincerely hope you don't put mushrooms in your chilli, food is utterly ruined by bastard fungi.
Yet another great effort, AK, I applaud both your patriotism, and the fact that you don't let the local toughs shut you down, but instead soldier on and tell it as it is. Good man.
depends if the mushroom is catholic or protestant...........

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