depolying with marines?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jepprob87, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. in the TA looking to go out to afgan in the new year i've done p coy an passed, anyone deployed with the marines as an individual replacement?
  2. Umm coming on an army site looking for info on the marines must be airborne :D .There is an army unit going out next year moblisation starts in january.
  3. They'd more likely get the Royal Marines Reserve one would think...
  4. yea guessed about the RMR whos going out in jan?
  5. Check your pms might be an opsec issuse.
  6. There is 29 cdo regt ra out there witht he marines they might be a start! There are a few army units serving with the cdo bde!
  7. I was attached to 45 Cdo in Kosovo in 2000/2001 and would say that you couldent find a better bunch to work with, As long as you can deliver the goods no one will hold cap badge or arm of service aganst you. all you need to know is the Marine slang ie
    Cookhouse= Galley
    Never where your smock in the Cookhouse/Galley. Get used to being called Percy (Percy Pongo)they seem to think that no one in the army ever washes.
  8. the nickname "Pongo" comes from the time when troop ships used to transport the army across the Empire. Due to limited washing facilities the massed body of men used to start to hum after a while - so the sayng went "wherever the Army goes the pong goes" - hence pongos
  9. Started my Kosovo tour with Z Coy. The best month of the six.
  10. Go on admit it mate, you loved working with the marines because it allowed you to indulge in cross dressing and naked drinking!
  11. What's depolying?

    Does it mean getting rid of Polly?

    Or not using poly bags?
  12. Im in a ta formed infantry cmpy attched to 42 in helmand there good lads the funny thing is we as the ta unit has far more operational experence than the 2 troops that were attched to
  13. Only cos some of you are so old you were out there last time probably :D.
    Anything changed?
  14. I can only second FEASG. I was attached to the RM in blokes everyone and very chilled out compared to the army.
    Also, don't ask them what instrument they play, although everyone else does, they do not find that funny!!!
  15. There is a TA company being mobilised to go out next year to support 1 Royal Anglian (which isn't a big secret -it's advertised all over the net).
    You may have missed the boat with the cabbage heads, but i am sure you will have lots of fun with the Vikings.