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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Northern_Recruit, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. I'm currently about to embark on the TA DEPO scheme. I have completed all paperwork, attended a brief interview with the Captain at my local TA barracks (Artillery) and managed to get through my medical.

    I'm about to be given a date for my Attestation.

    At the end of the month I'm attending the assessment weekend at Altcar.

    My big questions are....

    (i) What happens at Attestation?
    (ii) Am I obliged to join my local Artillery battery?
    (iii) Can I defer choice of corps until after the assessment weekend?
    (iv) Despite having nothing against the Artillery I'm more inclined to be
    attached to an RLC or Intelligence Corp battalian.
    (v) 3 (Volunteer) Military Intelligence Battalion, 29 (V) MI Company -
    Field Security in Chorley is fairly local to me. Is anybody on the
    boards attached to this unit and could give me an insight?

    I hope some of you out there can help.

  2. so in short what are asking?
  3. Yes you can choose any corps or arm of the army which the TA caters for. You will be asked by your DEPO DS as to this choice after your 2 week initial course.

    They will then find the nearest unit of that type to you and then at some point you will interview with the Adjutant or CO with overall control of that unit.

    Military intelligence will probably not get anywhere for you, tried it myself, you'll need to wait until your comissioned into a unit and then attempt transfer as they have quite a long selection process.
  4. Please be aware that if you turn up at 3 MI in your early twenties you'll be one of the youngest. You'll also be surrounded by people equally or perhaps better qualified than yourself as NCOs, most with at least one mobilisation under their belt. You'll need to do quite a lot of trade training before you're able to do much of anything and might find the pace - following your commissioning - rather slow at times. And then you'll turn inexorably into an admin beast of burden while the lads and lasses do all the fun stuff.

    Far better to do a stint with a teeth arm, do all the fun stuff then transfer. This way you'll come in with some background and with something to offer.

    I'm not trying to have a go here by the way, it's just that I've seen young officers get quite thrown out of shape by the jump from the commissioning process to the depths of the Bn.
  5. You've got a PM Northern_Recruit
  6. I got exactly that advice just over fifteen years ago; I'd thought I'd have a look at the Corps my Dad had been in as a regular.

    Several friends from Uni/OTC had joined (as Ptes) and enjoyed it, I thought it would be a challenge to do the trade training, so I went along for an interview.

    I never regretted joining the Infantry :)
  7. Thanks for the replies thus far. It's greatly appreciated.

    I'm at Altcar for the assessment weekend this Saturday/Sunday. Looking forward to the challenge!!

    My burning question given that I seem to have nearly completed much of the administrative requirements thus far, is at what stage am I committed to a corps/regiment/battallan??? I have my attestation on Tuesday.

    Will I still have the opportunity to explore where my strengths/weaknesses/interests lie in the next few weeks/months?

    I'll drop a note to those who have sent PMs.


    Northern Recruit
  8. Ok, ok I missed the post from 'antphilips', I guess that answers my burning question!!!!!!!

    Can anyone give a bit more detail on how the inital training pans out immediately following the assessment weekend. Is the next step the two week camp?? When would we complete TBC Briefing and TCB Main Board?
  9. TCB brief asap after 2 week training. Main board when your time has come if you got a cat 2 AND/Or when the DS decide you're ready.