What are the chances of being deployed to Iraq / Afghanistan after passing out ? Only asking cos Im curious if thats were most get deployed now due to the apparent shortages in personnel. How is it decided who stays and who goes ? Do different regiments take turns ? Or is it simply pot luck (to a degree) ?
Give the experienced blokes some idea of what arm you're going into? Infantry/Armoured/Artillery etc...

All the guys at work have seen a sandy place in recent years...
Didn't Chris2006 finish his phase 2 then done 2 weeks of op training then went to Iraq? I think he was Infantry though.
Yeah, he was inf. So not quite the same deal.

REME Air Techs do get to go to the sandy places, but when you're not in one of the sandy places you'll be in Ipswich/Yorkshire/Germany.
If your over 18 then you could go any time after you finish phase 2 training, depending on your unit/Regt. If you were desperate to go some units put trawls out and I do know some lads who have done back to back tours. All those wanting to join or going through the process remember this please and Im sure your recruiters and PSO's will remind you of it.

Good luck
personally.. within 2 weeks of passing out the ITC i was on the tri-star to iraq via kuwait

depends though if your unit is deploying or not, or already deployed... you'll get smashed through optag then onto the next flight.

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