Looking at joining the grenadier guards, wondered with the decrease in the force out in afghan, would there be another deployment out there for the guards? I know they just came back, just trying to put family at ease.
cheers sonx
If you haven't joined anything and the family are worried about you deploying somewhere hot and violent, you may need to consider what joining HM Forces will actually entail.


We've been told there are currently no plans for us to do a fourth tour of Afghanistan. As always with anything in the Army this is subject to change.
Why would you want to enlist as an infantryman (or a soldier at all even) & not wish to deploy on operations?

As said everything's getting scaled down. We're on PDT for H19 & even the nature of our deployment is changing on a near weekly basis due to the draw down.
I know what it entails, dads still in the forces he went there 4 times last year, I was curious my self when the next deployment would be as well, just mum worried cause I choose to join the infantry.

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