Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cannock, May 9, 2012.

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  1. I am going to the TA office in a few days but I have a few questions that I can't wait till then haha
    I have an idea of all this already but just want to make sure its 100%
    I think we all know about the Reg Army Deployments but where is the T.A sent?

    Is it to all the places that the Reg go but not so 'close'?

    What is the job of the T.A in when there?

    How often is a trained TA sent out? and I do know that it is volunteer since 2004? weather to take the Deployment or not right?

    Thanks guys for any help.
  2. I've been in 16 years and I've been all the way round the M25 (but not all at once).
  3. Thank you for your input.
  4. correct. the TA only deploy if its not raining.....
  5. The TA are one step behind the regular army, so whilst they (reg army) are now in Afghanistan the TA are in Iraq. When the regs were in Iraq the TA were in NI and so on
    The regs have MtP, we have DPM
    They have the SA80 A2, we have the A1
  6. You'll only be asked to go at weekends.
  7. Yup I confer. Youll go on a Herc on a Friday night to Herrick then come back Monday morning (youll have to let your boss know about long weekend tours to Afghanistan). As you are TA and you show the capability of holding down a civvy job and being able to wear a uniform at the same time, Regulars have the upmost respect for TA. They wish they could be like you, but didnt have the spine to cut it on civvy street, so as such when greeting a regular soldier, they must stand to attention and salute you for your awe.
  8. You'll have to work hard in the TA.

    Not only must you maintain a real job and contribute to the economy, but you'll have to maintain the TA tradition of being much fitter than the regulars and indeed much better at drill.
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  9. If you don't feel able to work the odd long-weekend out of the country, you can always put your name down to do relief Public Duties to let the Regs have a bit of a break.
  10. It is little publicised that the TA have a major role in UK Ops. While MOD press releases indicate that TA soldiers fight on the front line in Afghanistan this is in fact propaganda invented by Whitehall. As noted above TA soldiers cannot be trusted with up to date equipment or uniforms, hence why they are still wearing CS95. The 'TA' soldiers you see in MOD press releases are in fact the ugliest, fattest and worst turned out regular soldiers available when the Combat Camera Team rocks up at the PB.

    While the regulars are fighting Her Majesty's enemies abroad the TA have a key role in keeping the 'back door bolted' here in Blighty.

    They can often be spotted on weekends patrolling key installations, in particular:

    1) Motorway service stations. Of national value for obvious reasons.
    2) Greggs outlets. Greggs have a strategic role in fuelling the proletariat
    3) Pubs and nightclubs in Garrison towns. These are potential insurgent planning centres. TA soldiers and officers can be identified by their 'uniform' of green issue fleece and silver shadows.

    Obviously OPSEC prevents me from divulging further details but I hope the above provides a useful overview of the TA's key role in the defence of the UK. FR2020 could see this extended to locations such as bus stations and public toilets.
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  11. This should be viewed in the light of historical precedent for using irregular forces to defend key points.
  12. Here you see them using the simulator equipment for shooting & driving, which the TA rarely get to use because the Regulars hog them on the rare occasions in the week when they are not on a late start, early finish, sports afternoon or happy hour. Such is the dedication of these TA Soldiers that they will spend an entire convoy halt on this vital equipment even though they are travelling somewhere to practice these very same skills.

    Being far more patriotic than Regular Troops they pay freely to use these simulators & do not attempt to claim the money back on JPA.

    Since the Pasty Tax Greggs is now a larger contributor to the economy than the City branches must be guarded a la the old Bank of England Guard.

    There are undercover ones who identify themselves to each other, barmen etc by accidentally giving a flash of their MOD90 when getting their wallets out.
  13. Presumably round Soho & Shepherd Market they will be relieving (oo-er) the Houshold Division of this task.
  14. I would suggest that hanging round lavatories suggest that one is very regular, with a good, high fibre diet!
  15. You only tend to deploy on roles where the enemy don't use real bullets - or atleast tend to shout 'daggadaggdagga!' in lieu of real ammunition.

    This riles the Regular Army no end - especially when their enemy lobs RPGs at them but fail to sound the compulsory 'SwoooooshKabooooooooooooooom' as they do so

    You get more sound effects with the TA; though the Regulars normally get better ones - especially when it comes to helicopters