Deployments, Unrealistic Laws and Fostering Dogs

Offered the opportunity of going on a three year foreign accompanied posting, we checked the viability of taking our dogs with us before accepting it. We have now just found out that a new law has been passed in the Middle Eastern country we are going to which has a great potential to affect us and our dogs. This new law forbids the exercising of dogs in the cool of the early morning or evening and limits our ability to walk our mutts to between 1000 – 1500 daily during the heat of the day. Therefore we are faced with need to consider leaving the two dogs in this country.

Therefore is there anybody out there who would be prepared to foster our dogs while we are away on a three year posting? We would obviously more that cover any costs incurred. Yes it’s a long shot but perhaps another service family who understand the trials/tribulations brought by postings could offer one or both of our dogs a home while we’re away. We’re leaving in June this year.

For further details please contact us on


What sort of dogs?


alwaysonthemove said:
The two dogs are a male 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer and a 2 year old male Gordon Setter.

Try they may be able to help as well as giving advice on how to set up a foster agreement and finding the right people :)

Wish I could help but can't have dogs where I am now.

Sounds like a utterly stupid law though and animal welfare isn't on their list of priorities.


I know you've probably already thought about this, but 3rd party insurance for public liability etc. for the people fostering is also a concern.

3 years is a long time for dogs to be fostered for :( I know you wouldn't want to give them up permanently, but it might be for the best of the dogs?

I know some rescues can be sympathetic (privately run ones, not RSPCA etc.) which might be worth an ask ref. breed specific?

Horrendous local laws...poor pooches. Don't envy you that one. :cry:
Angel85 said:
Sounds like a utterly stupid law though and animal welfare isn't on their list of priorities.

Erm, it's another country and is allowed to make its own laws - if one isn't keen on following local laws, one should not move to a country where one disagrees with the local laws. As stated by the OP, it's a Middle Eastern country, so it's not a wild leap to guess that it might be an Islamic state and within Islam, dogs are deemed unclean.
No dogs in public? Next you'll be telling me some countries chop peoples hands off for stealing and lock adulterers in prison too...AWFUL! Imagine if some countries killed people as punishment...oh sorry I lost myself in sacasm!
But seriously, this is a real predicament and one I sort of had to deal with when a dog went bad (ish).

Breed specific re-homing agencies were very helpful (as I didn't want to destroy him - RSPCA's choice in so many words).

CocoaKid is right - how will new "foster" owners for 3 years change the dog - will they appreciate going back to you after that? Also imagine the tear on the foster family - 3 years is more than a 2 week holiday cover.
Please give full details to me and i will circulate for you - I am heavily involved in shooting sports around Pirbright and Sandhurst and am on the committee of the staff college shoot as such i can email a lot of gun dog / service friendly people who may well help you out!

Best DB
I've just done six months and it took a good while for me and my Springer to get used to each other again. If I'm honest, I thought it might've been easier to give him to a family member. I'm glad I didn't of course but after three years? Ouch. Now I think about it, there was a geezer at Shriv who was dogsitting for two years and really, really wished he hadn't taken them on. Partly because they were becoming attached to each other and also because it was a monumental pain in the hoop. If you can find an agency to do it, that might be best. I was lucky, the friends that looked after mine were absolutely brilliant with him and loved having him around but I don't think I could have asked for anymore time without taking the piss.

Good luck whatever happens anyway.


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Being a GSP owner myself I forsee problems with him , they are super intelligent super loyal dogs, mine would be destroyed by the experience of being shipped about from home to home.I lived in Cyprus for a long time and had 2 there, they coped with the heat very well, in my eyes if you really love them take em with you, dogs get used to being warm just like we do.
Away from a dog for 3 years? Kindest thing would be to get him settled permanently elsewhere. Humans have a hard enough time when someone loved goes away and they can understand. The dogs will wonder wtf they have done to be - to them - abandoned. The gsp is lucky. GSP Association runs very good rehoming centres. Get yours into one of them.


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What country is it?

I'd be more inclined to speak with the consul where you're posted to and pose them the question. I've spent a lot of time in the middle east as a civvy lately and always found that there was any kind of service that you could imagine provided by fellow ex-pats.

I would imagine there's some bored wifey there who'd be more than happy to exercise your dogs at the requisite time.


I work for a small breed rescue as a rescue co ordinator, I'd advise re homing your dogs, believe me I know how hard that would be for you having been in that position my self, in my opinion it's the kindest option for the dogs.

Every time I re home a dog or foster one, it always amazes me and saddens me somewhat, how quickly they adjust to new homes, I look at my three springers, who, after my wife (most of the time) are the best things in my life, and think, you mercenary little barstewards, if you went to a new home you'd milk it for every thing you could get just like you do her :lol:

I wish I could offer you one of my foster homes on a business basis, but with the current economic climate I need every foster home I can get for the springers given up because of owners losing homes and not being able to afford them.

I have contacts in most of the breed rescues and contact numbers, if you would like more info to better consider your options let me know by PM.

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