deployments in 2010,which battalions are likely?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gnilpik, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Gday,Iam an Australian currently awaiting to attend the selection centre.I have chosen the infantry but as yet no regiment in particular.Part of my reason of joining the british army is to see more "operational service" and do proper soldiering,instead of being a pacific policeman in the australian army.So of course I would like to deploy soon after training,which obviously would be around mid 2010.Any advice would be greatly appreciated,cheers.
  2. I'd suggest that everyone does their fair share these days, and that it's more of a case of when, not if. What's your rush?
  3. Pick one that is there now - given gaps between deployment they will more than likely be back out there this time next year!
  4. Not really in a rush as such,but wouldn't mind getting amongst it soon after training,as Iam not from the uk,I dont really have a strong link (location wise) with any regiment in particular.So I may as well go to a regiment that will be deploying soon after training.
  5. 1. Welcome to Arrse.
    2. Good luck with your application.
    3. Don't expect anyone with any knowledge to answer your question because of operational security. This is a completely open forum.

  6. I did selection last week and the as a guy from austraillian army , he said if a infrantry soldier does 6month tour in afgahn he gets a big bonus on top of his nomal wage? can you clerify that?? also just how much , he did tell me but i thort it was a too good to be true! lol,
  7. yeah its true,there is a decent bonus,a shit load more then what the brits get,but as to how much,depends on your rank and the role you undertake....
  8. Big bonus? There is what was called LSSA (Living Somewhere Sh1t Allowance) which is/was about £5 per day.
  9. oh right thats cleared that up!!
  10. LSSA - Longer Separated Service Allowance.
    Replaced in 2007 by LSA - Longer Separation Allowance.

    Do a search in the forums under LSSA or LSA for more details
  11. I beleive they are still running the tax free operational bonus, not sure of all the ins and outs of it though.

    It came in around mid 2006 and Im not 100% sure on who gets what but I came away with around 2 and a half grand (ish). Which was nice. LSSA was still awarded aswell.

    I was RE, not infantry, but dont think it makes much difference tbh.

    Sure someone will know more up to date info than me.
  13. Cheers for that, you've managed to make it look like me who is big timing about shooting up pigs in crossmaglen in the 70's. :?
  14. Sorry mucker, not big timing just remembering one of the most exciting times i had