First post:

Apologies for this common question; but I was hoping I could be pointed in the right direction of previous threads or if anyone could give any handy tips.

I am due to deploy and wanted to know:

1. If any extra kit would be worthy of buying (not issued from the MTP pile)
2. If its worth getting an iPad
3. Any pre reading suggestions
4. Anything else that could be useful to know for first tour to Afghan.

Many thanks in advance :)
All depends where you're going and what your job will be.

Why not ask one of the bigger boys in your lot if they have been before and if they say yes, ask them your questions?
Off to Lash, PATeam. Have asked several people including those who are currently deployed; just wanted to cover all angles and get a few other opinions. Some MAY be useful ;)
Not sure about iPad thingy, too technically advanced for me but a laptop with 1tb external drive full of Frankie did it for me.
laptop, external HDD with a tonne of films/comedy shows/your fav shows downloaded on there and you will be happy.

As for good reads, well thats down to personal preference,
If you know the team you're going out with then check if anyone is already taking a laptop. Then you can concentrate on the biggest external HDD you can find. PAT teams when I was there in 2010-2011 were quite small teams. Think an ipad would be over complicated. An ipod touch though, did me fine, filled with games, films and porn.
I was based in a CP

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