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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mccallum28, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Alright lads,

    Im ex reg going through the motions of rejoining. Could take up to a year, im joining the TA to get me back in the swing of things and get some courses under my belt as well as get my arse in gear with regards to phys. Ive been told I could apply for any number of FTRS postings and they apply to transfer to a reg contract or apply to go on tour. I would rather get out on tour, my question is are guys attached to to the same cap badge as the home TA unit or can they attach with other regiments.

    I heard a TA lad in RE wend on tour with RA, so that must have been fun haha - is that right?????

  2. What capbadge, what trade?
  3. RE, Driver
  4. Almost certainly then.
  5. I have just returned from tour, im infantry but was attached to a Armoued Corps unit, i was armoured for my tour so was completly different to what im used to, i saw my fair share of action as a dismount sharpshooter, but i can say from experience try to deploy with the same capbadge as your TA unit, you will be in a better comfort zone. I didnt have much of a choice when i was mobilised but to be honest i didnt fight from my corner as hard as i could have. Enjoyed it though looking back.
  6. Cheers for the info, im Ex RE and have been on tour with infantry reg in Iraq as well as RE. How does the process work if you get deployed with another reg? Do you apply to them or do they post vacancies? The TA is all new to me?

  7. you can go on tour as an individual, for example the rest of your TA unit is not training towards deployment but you express a keen interest in going on tour, you can then try to get deployed with a unit of your choice that is due to go to Theatre. Obviously only if that unit has a space with your trade or job ect.

    Or you can Mobilise on mass with the rest of your unit down for a operational tour, then be put in a regiment that needs the gaps filled.

    I'm 3pwrr and i Mobilised with around 30 others from my unit in the expectation i would join 1pwrr. however we where split up between different regiments that had the spaces that needed filling from the brigade. Some blokes from 4PARA mobilised to help boost numbers for 1yorks.

    I joined the queens royal hussars with around 8 from my battalion, most did deploy with 1 princess of wales royal regiment, and the rest went to the Mercians. The last on the list alphabetically went to the QRH. So all the lads with last names ending in P-Z went to QRH Or if they were TA armoured corps.

    It seems harsh that you don't get a choice but one or two blokes did change to go with there own capbadge by throwing their toys out of the pram so to speak.
  8. Great, cheers for the advice. just what I needed to know