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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by POCM1994, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've read the sticky and I've had a look at the pages on the TA, but there's a couple of things I'm not sure about.
    I'm starting university in October. I'm hoping to join the TA as a direct entry officer in the infantry and I'll begin my application around this time next year. I'd ideally like to see deployments as a platoon commander, however I understand that operations are winding down and it's unlikely there's going to be another "big one" any time soon.
    If I were to be in the TA, realistically, would I be able to expect a deployment as an infantry platoon commander, or is it more likely that these jobs will go to regular officers, leaving me in a more support role?
    Cheers in advance for any replies and apologies if I've been rambling on. :thanks:
  2. Infantry is most likely to deploy in role, corps less so. As you've already said you won't be going on herrick. Nobody really knows what's going to happen over the next couple of years, but don't expect to deploy unless on tosca.

    Short answer- dunno.

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  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The answer is that no-one really knows at the moment.

    The future of the TA Inf (assuming there is actually anywhere to mobilise to during the time you are in) could include the provision of individual reinforcements, formed sub units (Pl or Coy) or even formed units (Bn). Therefore there is a theoretical chance of you deploying as a platoon commander, but it is pretty remote as we stand today.

    The best chance you have for deployment is probably to go regular, and work hard to get into one of the units in the reactive forces.
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps, I feel a bit more clued in about what I would experience in the TA.
    Like I said, I'm not going to get the ball rolling until around this time next year, so that leaves me plenty of time to pester careers advisers and make up my mind.
    Thanks Sundance and The_Duke :thanks:
  5. Devils Advocate, hat on

    Answer No, to commanding at platoon level,

    Watchkeeper, liasion, Media, Int Cell, Yes.

    There is going to be a plethora of Captains that just had a wake up call when there friends were made redundant, so the hunger is to command to make themselves bulletproof. There are no more redundancies to come, so protecting ones little empire and promotion to Major is going to be a full time job over the next three years. What with 2015 pensions and short service 16 years promotion is going to protect that ever shrinking nest egg at the end. Operational command helps.

    Also TA officers are going to meet with stiff resistance now it has become one army and the choicest postings are at danger of being lost to non regular officers.

    Prepare for the worst. I fear that there will be a apogee of TA appeasement at the cost of more senior, regular officers who are more qualified. Social Engineering at the army level will generate a lot of resentment and bad man management.

    Devils Advocate hat off.
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  6. In short.....your fucked!
  7. My bold, don't agree with you.

    There will be a lot of protectionism, but the mediocre officers will still want a job for life. There will be some with low morale because of all the cuts and more and more scurtiny. There will be some good officers too.

    No more cuts, we'll see about that.

    One army should mean more opportunties, the only downside is the failing regular officers will see it as competition and make smokesrceens, the good ones will realise that some STAB officers have a lot to bring.
  8. Good Morning

    "Jumping the gun a bit you are not even in"

    It will requires years of experience before you would even have the opportunity to deploy

  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Unlike everyone else then?

    We've had, and anecdotally there have been countless others, who have deployed after trade training. If you have time, this can be done relatively quickly, so where you've gotten this "years of experience" bollocks from is beyond me.
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  10. So now we have had the announcement, it mentions Reserves deployed as sub units. What are the issues with letting the TA command while deployed? is officer training sufficient to allow them to look after platoons or companies when deployed full time or are there some key elements missing and if so, how can we ensure the officers are fully trained before deploying?