Deployment in your terminal year

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by choff, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. having a lively debate with someone ref this matter.

    I am positive you are ineligible for deployment in your final year unless you specifically request to fill a slot and fill in the paperwork.

    Someone I know thinks I am talking out my arrse, im sure there is a policy on this.

    Anyone able to assist?

  2. Had to deal with this when Kosovo first kicked off so is probably out of date but here goes - Look in QRs and the MML for the rules. Basically they could make you go but could not make you put off any resettlement or terminal leave so u had to be back in UK by then.

    Also if you are in the right make sure that people know you are taking notes of times, dates and places with a view to sue for breach of contract when you get out. That seemed to sharpen the mind of the OC LAD concerned who had told a Cfn that he was expected to sign back on and deferr his Run Out Date.

    The main thing to remember is go by the book and make sure you are in the right.
  3. Cheers, Im sure theres some more up to date stuff than that been released though.

    Its not about litigation etc, its a theoretical debate hahaha
  4. You dont need to litigate necessarily just make the CoC aware that you do have rights.
  5. No, i mean this isnt a realtime concern, its me and someone else debating whether or not its true ;)
  6. If you do miss resettlement training due to "service reasons" they will extend your service to do EVTs etc and still pay you. Check the resettlement JSP,sure its in there
  7. I deployed in my final 12 months, however, I was asked by my CoC if I was prepared to do this and had to put that I was prepared to do this in writing, I was also told that my resettlement etc. would be worked out carefullyand if I had any resettlement issues there were plenty of people there to help me cover everything I wanted to.
  8. All pers with 6yrs+ service must have at least 6 months of service remaining on return from ops.

    Those with less than 6 yrs must have 4 months remaining.

    Where this causes difficulties, the individual can give his/her consent for a deferment of their ROD but this must be done before the deployment.

    I think this is included in mounting orders for ops
  9. I had 8 months left, PM'd Filbert Fox and he faxed me the gen on it. Basically Codger is correct and you can either have your ROD deferred or (if youre desperate to leave) you can apply to have an extension to your resettlement entitlement, obviously you lose the GRT but you can still access your £534 and T&S for a set period.
  11. Yes, it's very worrying. A whole 13 1/2 hours since he last posted. :roll: