Deployment in the TA as a student?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by kimmy84, May 6, 2008.

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  1. I am due to start a 4 year Pharmacy degree in September- however I am a qualified Radiogapher and am interested in joining the T.A. Is there a possibility I would get deployed whilst I was studying? With the degree already being 5 years including my pre reg year- I wouldnt want to make this much longer than it already is.

    I am awaiting responses from my e-mails to my local Med T.A- but I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info?

    Thank you! :)
  2. I think you will find that you can not be compulsorily mobilised if you are in full-time education, at any level from sixth-form to full-time post-graduate courses.
  3. hello kimmy,

    I'm a TA student myself and i was told that Deployments are vollontary right now, although policy on this can change at any moment. Being in full time education can be a reason to appeal against mobilisation if you didn't want to defer your studies for a year.

    Hope that helped
  4. No, being in full time education IS a reason and they won't reject it, unless the 3rd Peoples Liberation Army Group are marching down Trafalgar Square.

    Have a look at the wiki mate, under the FAQ's, its pretty comprehensive.
  5. Thanks mate, will do
  6. Thanks everyone!! That has helped loads! I this the T.A may be more relevant than the OTC- but i was worried about delaying my studies.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Enjoy the OTC then have a look at the TASO scheme.

    Which Uni are you going to?

  8. I am hoping to join the regular army afterwards.

    Going to Medway school of pharmacy

  9. Why msr? As far as I can see the only thing that makes the OTC more compatible with Students is that they understand that Uni comes first....which to be honest most TA units will.

    There is absolutely nothing to stop you from joining the TA while at university and getting the same amount of satisfaction, if not more out of it than joining the OTC.

    Its also a bit of an assumption that Uni students are automatically TASO material. Many are not, and would be better served in the ranks. Whilst I can appreciate that there is a shortage of junior officers, I would contend that promoting from the ranks would be a better way to fill the gaps than by populating the TA with sproggy students fresh from uni, with no other qualification to set them apart than that they managed to rock up to 8 hours of lectures a week.
  10. Not wanting to p1ss on anyones' recruiting drive here, and it's obviously different between the services and the trades, but ...

    During a wide ranging discussion primarily about retention and recruitment, a student suggested that he'd love to be able to deploy but couldn't because it would interrupt his studies. He wanted to know whether he could deploy for his summer holidays when he wasn't doing anything.....

    The Senior Occifer gently explained that his name would be on the 'combat ready' list and so it would be perfectly possible to be chosen should abilities match criteria.
    It would then be up to the student to persuade the CoC why he shouldn't go. He also walked through the reasons why 'studies' wouldn't fall into any of the deferral categories.
    He then asked why a year out of a students' life was any different to a year out of anyone else's life. He suggested that if he wasn't available to deploy then he should seriously think about what he was doing in the Reserves.

    It would be crass of me to suggest that some students see Reserve service as the paramilitary wing of the University orienteering club.....

    He seemed sincere enough, and I agree with the sentiment - but was he right?
  11. Chosen? Msr can quote you the Land directive that details that all mobilisation is voluntary.

    It does though, thats what i've always been told. IF they decided to call you up, then being in full time education is a legitimate grounds for appeal to prevent you from being deployed.

    Errrr, because I would contend that it is easier to step back into a job that to step back into education. Just my opinion.

    Thats a whole new kettle fo fish, thats been done to death on other threads.
  12. Is there an 'Air' version then?

    We were warned on day one that the 'voluntary' bit was achieved by walking in the door and signing on.

    We've been told continually that deployment is inevitable unless there were extenuating circumstances, in which case a deferral would be considered. These were all 'short-term' in nature and anything that would seriously stop you from ever being able to deploy would be met with an invitation to hand in your kit on the way out.

    There is a very conscious emphasis that we are training to do a job, not just training.

    With the introduction of greater retention bonuses this year, the loss of more and more Rockapes to other roles (Asda? McDonalds?) has finally been recognised by the CoC. Whatever the stereotype, in theatre there's no-one else that is free to do the role. We inevitably have to backfill vacancies, cover leave etc. etc.

    However, there are always far more 'volunteer volunteers' than deployment opportunities at the moment. I think it's a bit short-sighted of anyone to hope that their get out of jail free card will work when we open up the third front. 8O
  13. Each year costs 3,400 smackers which is a lot of money to me! Especially if it wasnt a one off and another year without a full time wage!

    And unfortunately I dont have 6 hours of lectures a week I will have 31 hours of lectures a week. With my nearest OTC not being within a commutable distance for week nights and a TA medical squadron 5 mins walk from my house- I was hoping to see whether this was a realistic option seeing as I would like to join the regular army when I leave- and would like some experience and to be a part of this whilst at Uni.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It's in the FAQ :roll:

  15. In that case, yes it is. And being a Tom will give you an excellent experience with the "boots on the ground".