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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blondedoc, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm a junior doctor and I'm thinking of joining the TA but I was wondering how long we would get deployed for? On the army jobs website, it says 6 weeks for doctors, but other websites say it's 3-6 months. Obviously quite a big difference - 6 weeks great, 6 months impossible. Is anyone any the wiser?
  2. Hi,

    Whilst there is some flexibility, that's somewhat controlled by your qualifications - for example if you're a consultant orthopod or anaesthetist and they really need you to fill a hole then a few weeks only might be possible. (And I know an anaesthetist that does just this).

    Otherwise (and as a junior doc) I'd say about 3 months would probably be the minimum although don't forget that once you've done your pre-deployment training and had your post-tour leave, you're more likely looking at 5+ months away from work.

    I think you'd (probably!) be surprised at the support given by NHS trusts to those in the TA.

    It's probably also worth asking on DNUK.

    pm (private message) me if you want to know more.
  3. Have you been in touch with the medical recruiter? I'd expect they'd be able to tell you one way or the other. FWIW, I think 3/12 is usual (for regulars & reservists) to avoid skill fade; remember that your job is protected by Reserve Forces Act 1996, and it may be possible to get deployed time recognised for training dependent on where/what you will be doing (certainly, the Royal College of Anaesthetists will recognise up to 3/12 deployed time).

    If you want me to put you in touch with the RNR Medical recruiter, PM me - it's all very tri-service in the Defence Medical Services...


    (Lurking RNR MO)
  4. If you want me to put you in touch with the RNR Medical recruiter, PM me - it's all very tri-service in the Defence Medical Services...


    ratherbeintobago Fck off

    JOIN TA Army Medical Services
  5. airborne144, I don't know what your problem is, and I fail to see what a black-stripe cock-up has to do with the RN/RNR Medical branch, or indeed the DMS.

    I stand by the statement that (at Medical/Nursing level), the DMS is very tri-service orientated (with the exception of certain specialist roles, eg. CCAST) - even if this is partly because there aren't enough doctors/nurses in the AMS to meet requirements.

  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    RBIT -

    very well responded to - but please do not feed the Trolls :)

    I'll try to ensure that this sensible inquiry receives a sensible response - the DMS need as many Volunteers as it can get.

    OS ( One of the Mods for this forum)
  7. Thanks for your replies - 3 months might just about be manageable...
  8. Some Doctors on Herrick only did 6 weeks.....but they worked 3 months worth of hours in that time....
  9. Doesnt Airborne 144 know that there was a Navy Med student attached to his unit for a length of time. Wore red beret, wings but navy all the same.
  10. Its unlike me but I do challenge this bit? Red Beret and wings, since when? :?
  11. A challenge eh!
    I even have the picture to prove it. 144 unit photo from remmbrance day a few years back. Drew a few funny looks at Westminster Abbey with blue naval dress uniform and maroon beret.
    Challenge accepted.
  12. Para Provost (minus the Navy bit) since quite a while ago. Unless they meant maroon beret. :wink: