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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baconforbreakfast, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. First of all sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    Straight to the point, I am due to deploy quite soon and I would like to know, Will I be kicked off tour if I fail my PFT, don't get me wrong I am NOT a tour dodger, I very much want to go.

    Why I'm worried; I have been away on exercise alot lately and have not been able to do much fitness, the odd run here and there when I've time to but not nearly enough, and so I dont reckon I'm going to pass.

    Will I still be able to go if I fail?

    Cheers in advance guys.

    p.s. Also, what are the Fitness tests that are actually truly required for deployment?
  2. Ok... If you don't understand ask please don't reply with "Wah"

    Basically, Can you deploy to Afghanistan if you fail a PFT~?
  3. definitely, look at most of JFSp(A) for inspiration if you need further reassurance...
  4. One look at the que outside pizzahut when you get there and you'll realise wha a ridiculous question that is.
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  5. How can you fail a PFT? Are you still able to fecking walk?
  6. I haven't failed, I haven't done it yet
  7. No, you could bang out a 30 minute mile and a half and they'll still send you.

    This reminds me of the lame ass threat from a CSM at 4 RIFLES "Fail your PFT's and you wont be going to TELIC sunshine!", you should of seen all the lads eyes light up!
  8. Well I will well under 30 minuites, but in the last couple of days i'v been smashing it out so hopefully i will pass, cheers for the relief
  9. I understand the question, but as a PT shy, beer drinking, pie eating, lazy A mech I never managed to come close to failing a I can't possibly see how any squaddie could...(unless injured). And do you think they'd make it that simple? Every bugger would be failing them if it was that simple to get of tour!
  10. Probably just get slapped with a 3month warning & make the CSM's shit list.
  11. Simple. Can't pass it retest within the time frame (no longer than a week). Still can't pass it 3 month bender. Still can't pass it, have a lovely brown envelope and foxtrot osca.

    Why should you get to go on tour, sit somewhere cushy like Kaf or Bastion whilst the rest of the lads are getting smashed in PBs/CPs. Earning the same amount as coin as you.

    If anything being on exercise should improve your run time as you'll be use to cutting about in kit and won't be eating 600 pies at naafi break.

    Looking at your username I recon you've been found out bluffing an injury and have been told to square your life away or look elsewhere. If your back from an injury well you should be under the Physio/rehab department and will return to full fitness after passing your PFT and AFT and subsequently deployable.

  12. Fixed that for you.
  13. Jeeez...What ever happened to Train hard, fight easy?

    My basic fitness was enough that I could pass a BFT without any preparation, in fact, all the lads could. The last PFT I did was sprung on me, I breezed it at 45 years of age despite being a fat lazy STAB. Even the battalion lard arse managed.