deployment after training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dean1, May 26, 2010.

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  1. right lads i need to no whats my chances of getting a tour to cyprus jst after finishing sc because there was a guy in my sigs unit that is 17 and jst finished traing and got a tour to cyprus is this rare or alot of crap???

    cheers fo any reply's :eek:
  2. Ask your PSI

    edited to add; Check your key board is plugged in properly to the computer as some words seem to be missing letters

  3. Your signals unit is 17 ?

    How did he manage to get a tour just after finishing his recruits course ( I assume thats what sc is ) He would have no trade qualifications and quite possibly no driving licence etc
  4. cheers fo the keyboard advise lol thats what it was.

    eh yes a guy from my unit told me that a guy done the summer challenge
    and manage to get a tour a wasnt sure thats why i wanted to no if it was possible. and as for the trade training do you not get trade training at the
    summer challenge ???
  5. It is rather worrying that a signaller speaks in "text talk".

    "..Hello one, this is two, innit!"

  6. lol i have'nt finished my training i've only done 1 weekend training i'm doing sc
  7. Dean, yr pullin r p!serz so fcuk off! innit. fo sho.
  8. who the f**k do you hink you are ya baw bag i wanted an answer to a question not for sum c*nt to try be wide
  9. Ok, summer challenge, I see.

    I do not think i is possible, however the "other bloke" may have been ex regs or in the TA previously and therefore didnt need to pass his trade again.
  10. Ask your PSI, he probably has a phone so you can call him.
    What does 'wide' mean?
  11. And why are you walting as a chav?
  12. whats walting?? and i'm no chav but i do come from glasgow. anyway how soon do you think i will be able to do a tour or is it jst when 1 becomes availible??
  13. Arrsepedia... see "walt"

    Please god don't make anyone define it again. That's a whole new thread... :roll: :?
  14. Wide would mean getting smart, uppity or above ones station. Or plainly coming the cnut!
  15. I know a few people who wanted to go on peacekeeping in cyprus but got told its stiff competition for minimal places